Dear Friend,
You may be surprised to receive this letter since you do not know me in person.But my family and i have found ourselves in a dilema we never expected.I got your email address from the Web email directory and decided to introduce myself,my situation and this transaction.I am Mr. Samuel Johnson,the first son of Mr. Dennis Johnson who was recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe.I am writing from The Netherlands where i am currently based as a political refugee.
Before the death of my father,he deposited the sum of US$21.5 Million united states dollars in the vaults of a reputable private finance and security company(whose name and particulars i will disclose to you later).Maybe he foresaw the present crisis in Zimbabwe(as you have probably heard in the news media or read on the internet).I can send you necessary documents and pictures to show the existence of this fund and to show that it was deposited by my father, to allay your fears or doubts .This money was initially meant for the purchase of new equipment and supplies for the farm, and also to establish a new farm in Swaziland.
The introduction of the new land -use ACT;the mob actions by war veterans;the seizing of white-owned lands; and the death of my father, are all events of history now.
I consulted with my family(presently hiding in Mozambique) and we have agreed to transfer this money to a foreign account, because we have information that the government is confisticating such large amounts owned by families of dead farmers.I am handicapped as regards this transfer -being a political refugee here,and at the same time being careful not to expose the existence of such a large amount.Thus necessitating your assistance in transfering this fund to any account provided by you,until i and my family can join you and re-posess it.
I must let you know that this transacton is risk free as long as you maintain the secrecy until the money is transfered.My lawyer here will prepare the neccesary change of beneficiary documents and the power of Attorney.You may need to come to the Netherands, so as to verify the authenticity of this fund(seeing the money inside the vault with your own eyes),to sign the necessary documents,and to transfer the money to any account you will provide.I especially would be looking forward to this meeting so we can go together to the security company to inspect the consignment and transfer it to an account you will provide,as well as discussing how the money is to be held in safe trust.
My family and i have agreed on a compensation of 20% of the total sum,(this amount is still open for negotiation) for your kindness and co-operation.
Note that even though i do not know you,i am only doing this because i do not have an alternative. we do not have any friends or family outside Zimbabwe since we were only simple and humble farmers.of course we would have to develope and build some form of relatonship and trust before the actual transfer,this initial mail is just to seek your interest in this funds transfer.Mine is to show you that this is not a joke and that the money really exist;yours to to prove to me that i can trust you with this amount of money and believe you would transfer 80% back to us after the money gets to you.
Please note that honesty is the watchword of this transaction as i would not want to be exploited .I will require your telephone and fax numbers so that we can commence communication immediately and i'll give you more details then.In case you do not accept,maintaining the secrecy is of utmost importance for the security of this fund which happens to be the last hope of my family since we have been disposessed of all physical assets, and are being continually haunted.This information is in total trust and confidence. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Yours sincerely,
N:B For security reasons,please reply to my private email address as indicated below.
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