I am contacting you in regards to an upcoming
event/festival/conference, Version>03, which is being
organized by Select-Media and the Museum of Contemporary
Art Chicago. This years' themes deal with the technological
in relation to the binaries of utopia and apocalypse.


Select-Media has asked me to contact artists in regards to
an area of curation for Version03, that we are currently
calling "artists_software_development". I am working with
the Version>03 curatorial team to help develop this area of
We are planning to setup an area which would funtion as a
site of exhibition, deployment and exchange of artware
projects. I would like to include your work,
content-type.trashconnection.com, in this section. We are
conceiving of this "artists_software_development" station
as a place of interface w/multiple artwares and (providing
your consent) a means of deploying your specific work at
Would you be interested in showing/sharing the script/piece
content-type.trashconnection.com in this context?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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