The Hafler Trio

a) "the moment when we blow the flour from our tongues"

b) "akin to spoken thought entering paradise with boots on"

Crouton is very pleased to announce the release of a special 10^ record
from the Hafler Trio.  For over 20 years, the Hafler Trio has explored
various ideas through sound, visuals, and text.  This release marks a
culmination of those concerns, and an examination of the underlying
impulses that inform the use of a ^work^ for ^work.^

In a time saturated with technology^s impact on sound, this record focuses
on the personal dealing of techniques from the past with those of the
present, and both of these seen from the others^ perspective.  Although
the record thematically touches on historical, as well as current
approaches, no sounds were taken from any other work ^ a consistent value
of the Hafler Trio since its inception.  Through this exploration, the
undeniable reality of ^unbalanced nature^ becomes apparent, and the
concern for human motives, actions, and ^progress,^ is seen as a means to
an end.

"One thing I am trying to do, in a small way, is redress a balance, and
instigate some small processes that over time might serve to replenish the
small units that can form basic building blocks for such an eco-system,
while addressing things in my personal state with regards to that and its
ramifications, which I have to deal with quite apart from that intention
in that direction.  The bridge between these is something I have to, and
have become, so that I disappear.  But that doesn't mean ceasing to

        - Andrew M. McKenzie

This release is presented in a limited edition of 500 copies on clear,
DMM, 110 gm virgin vinyl, complete with a 4 page printed insert housed in
a printed sleeve.  The first 100 copies of this release will be available
through mail order only, and will also contain a signed photo print by
Andrew McKenzie.

More information at:

Crouton Music P.O. Box 070352 Milwaukee, WI 53207

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