Dear Sir or Madam

If you are a smoker in the UK, in the ROI or Scandinavia  then we have something for you.

You are probably fed up with paying high prices for your cigarettes and tobacco.  Take a look at what we can do for you at

We can send you, legally, by registered air mail, direct to your door, 4 cartons of cigarettes or 30 fifty gram pouches of rolling tobacco (all brands are available) from only 180 Euros - about 120
British pounds (depending on exchange rate) - fully inclusive of postage and packing.  Why pay more?

This works out to (again depending on exchange rate) about 2.80 - 3.00 pounds for a packet of twenty - instead of the UK price of @ 4.50 - 4.80.

Yours faithfully.

British Smokers