Dear Jorge Luiz Antonio,

of course the design is intentional... 

it is something like the Brasilian concrete poetry,

something like a combination of concrete code and poetry.

we met a lot of these in the past years. Augusto Campos

composes similar works, isnt'it? Olhar Electronico, and their 

and Poema Bomba, Celia Pinto's work also, look quite the same.

We have in Europe jodi, who would rather call themselves

net artists than poets, they are best know for these kind of

emails. We like them a lot, problem is only that they never write

one or two poems and send them, but from a hundred to a thousand a day.

greetings from Hungary,

anna balint

4/30/2003 3:01:36 PM, "Jorge Luiz Antonio" <> wrote:

>I would like to know whether the design made by the word in the space of

>this email is intentional, for it becomes a visual poem, and this subject is

>of my interest.

>Thank you in advance.

>Jorge Luiz Antonio

>Brazilian Digital Art and Poetry on the Web