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   Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 09:50:19 +0200

   From: "Rakim" <Subsiro@gmx.net>

Subject: AW: Nord Rack 2 & SoundDiver 3....anyone having problems?

(My english is very bad, i am a german)

Nordlead2 Rack Sounddiver 3.05 DO NOT WORK

No wenn you works with PC(with winXP or W2K) you must right click on the

Sounddiver.exe and make an Systemkompatib.- to win98

(No update to NL2-r  the the aktuell version is 1.06)

THE BEST WAY IS The Sounddiver 3.05 and the NL2.ADD vrom the Sounddiver 3.04

(the NL2Rack modul from sounddiver 3.05 DO NOT WORK on my konfiguration my

Sounddiver has Crasht.)

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