> Dear Asco-o:
> In case you've been meaning to renew your Rhizome membership
> but just haven't gotten around to it yet, this is a quick note
> to say that we'd love to have you back.
> We have had to cut back our staff and overhead to reduce costs,
> but we remain committed to our core programs. We now have
> almost 1,000 art works in the ArtBase archive and we recently
> redesigned our web-based threaded discussion interface, making
> it easier to follow and participate in conversations.
> Times are tough for just about everybody. If you can't afford to
> make a $5 contribution, please remember that our web site is free
> to all on Fridays.
> But if a gift of $5 or more is within your reach, we could sure use
> your support. You can renew your membership today at
> http://rhizome.org/support/?asco-o.
> By the way, if you've forgotten your password, you can have it mailed
> to you at http://rhizome.org/preferences/password.rhiz
> Warm regards,
> The Rhizome Crew
> P.S. If you still have an account in good standing, you are probably
> receiving this email because you used to have multiple records in our
> system. You can disregard this message, or contact us at
> tech-support@rhizome.org if you have any questions.
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