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[ nettime-Fr ]  Critical bulletin of the day < A a friend One often
attaches duchamp to conceptual radicals!!!  that estoripilant!Duchamp
was foutait of all, it was hobby-horse and adored foutre mouth of the
world, it adored being the village idiot while precisant that he
pouvaitetre premium with the contest lepine and to gain with echeques
the!!!!C' was a true dadaist who said to be bored to death opposite the
perfs deBMPT:  buren, mosset, Parmentier and toronieaussi it did not
produce during more than 20 years and it emmerdait as much as the
surealists notorious onanic species!!!!Bref Duchamp ilpouvait never had
the pretention of generer direction:  It cherchaitle not absolute
smell... encore one stereotypes:  "duchamp creator of direction" it was
"destroying of sens"(c' is a ironie)cela points out the sentence zen:"Le
to me wise watch the moon with its finger and the imbecile sees the
finger..."a mediterValery<END.CIT: >

Wahahhahahha. Problem with french is the ME ( and casualy orthogrphz or
simple lack of something 2 say )