I'm totally lost. What's the point of this?
And a Zero for name dropping.  Ouch.
Molecular Nanotechnology. Digital Karma today as it is immaterial and virtual in its current form is much more directly equivalent to I wonder 
if anyone here has heard serious Buddhists or 
devout Hindus react to our equation of their 
beliefs to a video game?
Manik mantra:" Whoa! I think I am drooling!"Conversely, communities like Rhizome have a difficult responsibility to balance the needs of survival with the generation of karma to its participants.  This is linked to the credibility and the institutional standing of an online community, and relates to the perception of benevolence of the community's administrators towards the community against the potentially alienating forces of institutional legitimacy. 

One cannot properly discuss "Digital 
Karma" (the forum topic) without figuring out how 
it might differ from "Analogue Karma".Hey mister, Buddhism and technology, sounds 
interesting, up the links!

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I also feel a strange urge to resist (bing) 
the tags... to demand bad ratings, to 
deliberately (bing) compose with bad ratings 
as my objective (bing)... distracting me from 
the issues at hand... (bing bing bing bing)

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The Wheel of Dharma gets a 
free post in the "Digital Karma" forum.

"We have no rules"