Hello, excuse me, have you received my prev. letter on 01/14/04?
Thank you. Below I put some more thoughts.

Actually... what I might also be interested in is investing in
your efficient business projects, if you have any.

Your project may be in any legal and ethical sphere, require $5K
to $50K in investment, must have 300%+ of return on investment
and pay-off under 1 year. Do you have anything of the kind?

If yes, please see below. Under my letter I put a list of things
I need to know about your project. Thank you.

And here is a next part of my book. I will be glad if you find
these thoughts interesting and helpful for yourself. Your
opinion on any items will be so much welcome!


501 thoughts on how to become wealthy, continuation
(beginning is in my previous letter on 01/14/04):

13. If you have a very attractive business idea, immediately
draft the action plan to implement it and roughly calculate the
costs and revenues that in your opinion (try to be realistic)
may result from fulfillment of that idea according to this plan.

14. In business every given failure does not mean that the whole
business will fail. Same as every given success does not mean
that the whole business will prosper.

15. Marketing wisdom: there is (almost) no such an offer, that
EVERYONE would be interested in. Even 1 million dollars for free
can find only a category of interested consumers, and there will
definitely be those not interested.

16. =93Skim up=94 principle. Quite often, 80% of value is in 20% of
an object or process, and the remaining 20% of value are in the
other 80% of that. Low quality has a right for existance too.

17. In all the cases, where you can avoid work, do avoid, so
that you could release your time for something more valuable (if
such a thing exists).

The ideal result, which you should always keep in mind, and try
to bring into reality, wherever possible, is: you don=92t have to
do anything, and results happen by themselves.

18. In delegating tasks to another person, in some cases it
takes more time to properly explain the task and control the
results than to accomplish the task yourself, and in some cases
=96 the other way round. Think =96 what is better.

19. Business today is a fine-tuned system with multiple
parameters, affecting the final result (profit). A large number
of these parameters have only 2 values in common understanding:
yes or no. In business, these parameters may take a variety of
values, where yes and no are only the extremities.

20. According to statistics the top business level is dominated
by the people who make their decisions intuitively.

21. Spend your time conceptually. Think up a diversity of
possible things to do, but do only those that bring sufficiently
quick financial return and will continue to bring it without
your participation.

22. If there is something that you don=92t want to do very much,
it could mean that it is not effective to do it presently (not
conceptual) or in full volume. Think, isn=92t it so.

=2E.to be continued.


While I prepare items for publishing I may be sending them to
you in readable portions once or twice a week.

As usual, if you don't want thoughts on building wealth you can
tell me "remove" in subject line and I won't send you any more.
But perhaps you'd check some more times and then decide if you
like them. Honestly, I strive my best to make them interesting.

And if you have your own ideas on building wealth, I will
greatly appreciate if you send them to me!

To Your Success,

Michael Core
Wealth Avenue, Inc.

PS. Yes, not to forget the most important: my main interest was
whether you have any efficient projects for my investment.

What I look for is establishing a long-term relationship with a
source of efficient projects I could invest in.

You should have clear vision for the marketing, technology,
and timing aspects of the project implementation.

Usually, my conditions are: You manage, I consult. We share the
ownership as 50:50, where 50% accounts to your idea and efforts
and another 50% is my financial investment and consulting.

We may negotiate different conditions if you have any specific

Info about your project I need:

1. Project name.
2. Business model, "how it works".
3. Marketing (market, target audience, competition, etc).
4. Technological aspects.
5. Investment it takes and how the money will be spent.
6. Calculations for pay-off and ROI, facts and argumentation.
7. Known risks, problems and solutions.
8. What is ready for starting-up on your side?

Also, a bit more about you:

1. Who is the project owner (company or person's name)
2. Contact person, name
3. Email
4. Phone
5. Best time to contact you (including your time zone)
6. ICQ, AIM, Yahoo or MSN Messenger.
7. About your team.

I promise and guarantee that I will NOT use any information
about your project otherwise than for making my investment
decision. Particularly, I will NOT pass this information to any
third parties outside my company without your explicit

If I get interested I'll respond with more questions.

Thank you,

Michael Core
Wealth Avenue, Inc.