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:: International School of New Media
	Please go to: The Inter
national School of New Media (ISNM) is an affiliated, tuition
-based Institute at the University of Lübeck. ISNM is characteris
ed by interdisciplinary programmes, small seminars and
 workshops, and an excellent student-professor-ratio. Its
 unique 18-month-long, postgraduate course Master of Scienc
e in Digital Media is entirely held in English.
European Graduate School Media and Co
mmunication Studies Program	Please go to: 
European Graduate School EGS Media and Communications studies 
program offers PhD 's and MA 's. The faculty includes some of the 
greatest philosophers, visionaries and theorists of the media
world who teach film art internet and communications from a 
cross-disciplinary perspective through distance learning.
The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts	Please go to:
 More information coming.... (mailto: Björn Ross)
Higher Institute for Fine Arts - Flanders (Multimedi
aLab)	In its quality of post-graduate educational programme, th
e HISK is a leading institution in the field of the visual 
arts. (mailto: Dr.Hugo Heyrman)
department for photography and media art	Technical forms o
f arts, or media art in a broader sense, are beco
ming more and more important in an artistic society. Visua
l technology, photography, movies, video and television and 
now, Internet are more powerfulmeans of communications than 
others. It's hard not to notice new tendencies in contempor
ary art. In art exhibitions video art inst
allations, photos in one or another form are more often presente
d. Therefore a problem of arts integration is becoming more i
(mailto: Alvydas Lukys)
o-o institutio media	Project has been designed as an attempt 
to transfer an institution into the Internet and study its func
tioning in the Web. An academic institution was chosen, sinc
e at the 
present time we have the broadest experience of the activity of s
institution. We also wish to explore the relation of a phys
ically limited and virtual spaces. (mailto: o-o institutio media)
The FORUM of the Muthesius-University of Architecture, Design a
nd Fine Arts	Die Muthesius-Hochschule befindet sich in ein
er Phase der Umstrukturierung hin zu einem Netzwerk der Ko
operationen und des Wissens. Netzwerk heißt Vertiefung und Verbrei
tung des Wissens für ein Verstehen der politischen und 
gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse. Ein Netzwerk der Dialog
e zur Ausbildung einer Transkulturalität. Netzwerk, Transk
ulturalität und Transdisziplinarität: darum wird sich das Denken un
d Tun im FORUM bewegen, mit dem Anderen bzw. dem Fremden im Ze
ntrum. (mailto: Forum)