Carpets at

|Carpets signed by mi_ga are printed out on DIN A4 format (1/1 copies).|
|The prices listed below include shipping costs within Europe.|

Order carpets for following prices:

1 carpet - 4 EUR
2 carpets - 7 EUR
3 carpets - 9 EUR
4 carpets - 10 EUR
x carpets - contract price

|carpet/?s is a php based application where internet resources are used|
|as yarn to make ascii cloths. The influence of a surfer is as small as|
|a click of a mouse. All the rest is done by a machine.|

Pay Pal Instructions

When you go to the Pay Pal website, you will need to log in or register
with Pay Pal in order to e-mail money to us.

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After you log in you will have a screen like the one below:

<img src=PayPal2.jpg>

Please use our e-mail on the recipient's e-mail box. After
calculating the total amount of your order enter it in "Amount" box. On
"Subject" box write in PAY PAL ORDER (optional).
In the "Note" box please describe your order, copy&paste your wish-carpet
and leave your mailing address, city, zip and phone number in case we
need to contact you.
If you have any questions you can e-mail
Thanks again for your interest in our carpets.

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