asco-o: Sense is disjointed between seeing and thinking. Our reflection and receipt of that which we might comprehend depends on the conditions of its delivery from some enlightening Other. ASCO-O takes the role of meta-informer or an indifferent, alienating Other. It is an anonymously operated, web- and email-based list and chat room. At first sight, its rapid, automatic and non-hierarchical selection of messages, images (built in ASCII) and links seems a spasmodic attack on human (biological) mechanisms of perception; ('Human perception is very superficial' - P.Virilio). But, ASCO-O gives us a consistent proposition: five seconds 'full' followed by one second 'empty' (screens). In hiatus, in the place/time between, we can feel rave-like, corporeal sense. With rigorous concept and demanding no acclaim, ASCO-O has developed an intelligent platform probing the phenomena of perception-time-language-information-sense. After turning off this site we could feel the raw taste of the!  unexplored: language as time/space, performing the dramatic act of 'flash back,' became, paradoxically, meditative and innocent. - Manik