One could write a musical Epiphanies of just climactic passages that
were drawn from various musical styles and then separated from each 
other by silences; a painterly or sculptural analogue would be more 
problematic. [156]

He always talked to his parrot as he wrote poetry; she was his first 
"reader" and, if only for his silences, his most astringent critic. 

She talked with the desperation of someone who found silence an 
intolerable void. [173]

He preferred modern music to classical and the sounds of the city to 
those of nature. [174]

The most interesting part of my literary autobiography, my readers 
tell me, is my confession of a congenital inability to write any story
longer than a single sentence. [183]

Every time I discover a work of art within myself I get a special 
thrill. [184]

 Richard Kostelanetz
[Excerpt from EPIPHANIES an assortment/choice of Ralph Lichtensteiger]
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