I like things small and great
I like all eighty-eight notes
I like buildings as typographical arcana
I like terminal illness
I like the work of Marcel Duchamp
I like the human body
I like singular experiences residing in specific cells
I like infinite temporal duration and timelessness
I like the entire human species
I like death and dying
I like painful structural contradictions
I like God's absence
I like music reduced to nothing
I like a world furnished with second-hand perceptions
I like the serious use of silence
I like totality and infinity
I like expanding horizons
I like answers
I like Martin Heidegger's 'Sein und Zeit'
I like 'Devices of Wonder'
I like waxed paper
I like conventional reading
I like misunderstandings
I like instrumental stimuli
I like the idea of error
I like information technology
I like the laws of beauty
I like electric railroad signals
I like John Cage's favorite mushrooms
I like gunshots echoed across Dealey Plaza (socially constructed and transmitted)
I like discounted rumors (based in part on evidence)
I like the question that will probably never be answered
I like the consequences of a busy life
I like footage kept repeating
I like art-as-art
I like collected recordings of train sounds (rattlings of wheels and carriages, whistling)
I like sustained chords
I like bouncing lines of cloned factories
I like spoken phrases along with the noises of slammed car doors
I like long walks, espacially when they are taken by people who annoy me
I like everything excerpt the words forming the border of the design
I like the ambulance-homicide theory
I like the anthrax-detection network
I like climate jumping
I like cup-holder cuisine
I like to sing to the songs on the radio in my car
I like Darwinian literary criticism
I like soap that doesn't wash off
I like skyscraper escape devices
I like do-it-yourself DVD commentary
I like the self-cleaning dinner table
I like enhanced clothing
I like full-page flirtation
I like open-source begging