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Uglybeautycage | Dialogue with John Cage (one) | with George Koehler1) Ink markings (1st version) 13:39
2) Ink markings (2nd version) 5:27
3) Innovations (1st version) 2:44 | listen mp3
4) Innovations (2nd version) 3:58
5) Love music or not 5:27
6) My Grandmother 1:56 | listen mp3
7) Observation (1st version) 7:27
8) Packages of water 12:10
9) There’s a street in Stony Point 6:05 | listen mp3
10) Cunningham/Tudor/Orchester 5:25
11) If John Cage/Zufall 2:57 | listen mp3
12) Thoreau/Ives 4:38 

Continuosly expanding and changing organism | No self-contained piece of work | Workshop of fragments. Game of modules | Catharsis interruptus and the harmony of mistakes | Permutation and layer upon layer | Marcel Duchamp calls from Philadelphia | The open window. Multiple centers of agility | The beauty of babbling and snoring | The deconstruction of the method | Questioning Thomas Hobbes | Visual projections and 100 x 100 ears | Dialogue with John Cage

This archive edition of the first part of the Uglybeautycage work in progress is dedicated to John Cage the father of non-intentional experimental music and to Thomas Hobbes the author of Leviathan which is a great source of ideas and which embodies a counterpoint to Cage’s positions concerning the individual and the society.

"All these sounds, the crowing of cocks, the baying of dogs, and the hum of insects at noon, are the evidence of nature’s health or sound state. Such is the never-failing beauty and accuracy of language, the most perfect art in the world; the chisel of a thousand years retouches it." Henry D. Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, The Portable Thoreau, p. 163

"Form is a trace of the formless; it is the formless that produces form, not form the formless; and matter is needed for the producing; matter, in the nature of things, is furthest away, since of itself it has not even the lowest degree of form. Thus lovableness does not belong to matter but to that which draws upon form: the form upon matter comes by way of soul; soul is more nearly form and therefore more lovable; Intellectual Principle, nearer still, is even more to be loved: by these steps we are led to know that the primary nature of Beauty must be formless." Plotinus, Enneads, VI, 7, 33, trans. S. MacKenna

"There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may,—light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful." C. R. Leslie, Memoirs of the Life of John Constable, 1843

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Special thanks to: David Behrman, Daniel Charles, Jacques Derrida, Glen C. Ford, Peter Lichtensteiger, Marjorie Perloff, Charles Junkerman, Joan Retallack, Jean Claude Risset and Todd Weinstein.

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