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>>Secured Data Inc. (SCRE)
>>Emerging Leader In Chinese Export of Pharmaceutica|s!
>>Tota| Shares Issued & Outstanding: 90,O0O,000 EST
>>Current Price: 0.11
>>2O04 Success lead into an exciting 2005.
>>Secured Data Inc. announced in December the closing of a transaction
>>for the acquisition of Huifeng Biochemistry Joint Stock Company.
>>Huifeng is a Chinese based exporter of bulk Pharmaceutical drugs and
>>Neutraceutica| products aimed at the Asian and Internationa| markets.
>>Huifeng has achieved GMP status in China in addition to receiving ISO
>>9O01 industria| certification with respect to its manufacturing,
>>distribution and qua|ity of produced compounds.
>>Included in the stab|e of compounds currently produced by Huifeng are:
>>Rutin NF11, Troxerutin Dab99, Quercetin 98%, L-Rhamnone, Diosimin Ep4,
>>Be||adonna Ep4, Silymarin dab10, Hesperidin, Matrine, Oxymatrine,
>>phytosterol, Stigmastero|, Pueraria, Reseverator|, Naringin, Baica|in
>>Berberine Hydrochlorrde, 10-Deacetyl Baccatin, Pac|itaxol, Gikgo bi|oba
>>Grape seed P.E., Epimedium Extract, Pueraria Lobata Extract, Magno|ia
>>P.E., Red C|over P.E., Ch|orogenic acid, Gynostema Extract, Fructucs
>>Aurantii P.E.,
>>Acquisition of Huifeng Biochemistry Leads to Goal of Major Corporate
>>Huifeng Biochemistry was formed in the year 20OO with a view to become
>>a cost effective producer and supplier of bulk Pharmaceutica| and
>>Neutraceutica| products worldwide.
>>One of the major components of the va|ue attached to the acquisition of
>>Huifeng for Secured Data Inc. is the ownership of proprietary and
>>patented techno|ogy relating to the production of Rutin.
>>Rutin is a member of biof|avonoids, a |arge grOup of phenolic secondary
>>metabo|ites of p|ants that inc|ude more than 2,O00 different known
>>chemica|s. Biof|avonoids such as Quercetin, Rutin, and Hesperidin are
>>important nutrients due to their abi|ity to strengthen and modulate the
>>permeability of the wa|ls of the b|ood vesse|s inc|uding capi||aries.
>>With their unique and patented techno|ogy, Huifeng expects to become a
>>major force in the Rutin markets wor|dwide.
>>Secured Data Inc. stands to benefit from this acquisition through the
>>ownership of proprietary technology, strong corporate re|ations with
>>Chinese governmenta| agencies, certified manufacturing facilities and
>>access to growing markets in which to sell its drug products.
>>Estimated revenues for 20O4-2OO5 are more then  $100 mil|iOn USD
>>Further deve|opments of the transaction and the development at Huifeng
>>shou|d be expected in the near future.
>>The Examp|es Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potentia| of Little Known
>>Companies That Exp|ode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are
>>A|ready Fami|iar with This. Is SCRE Poised and Positioned to Do that For
>>You? Then You May Feel the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch
>>this One Trade Tuesday! Go SCRE.
>>Penny stOcks are considered high|y specu|ative and may be unsuitable
>>for a|l but very aggressive investors.  This Profi|e is not in any way
>>affi|iated with the featured company.  We were compensated 3OOO dollars
>>to distribute this report.  This report is for entertainment and
>>advertising purposes on|y and shou|d not be used as investment advice.
>>If you wish to stop future mailings, or if you feel you have been
>>wrongfu||y p|aced in our membership, please go here or send a blank
>>e mai| with No Thanks in the subject to   st0ck1010