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> Hi guys,
> Yahoogroups changed the way images are displayed on the web-site.
> You now have to "Download Attachment"s to view pictures.
> If you are using Outlook Express, here is a way to post pictures,
> and make it easier for members to view them on the web,
> without having to "Download Attachment"s.

> 01. On the OE tool bar, click the "New Message" icon,
>       or choose "File", "New", and "Message Mail".
> 02. From the tool bar, select "Format", and "Rich Text (HTML)".
> 03. Fill the "To:" field.
>       Remember, the group's address is now @ "yahoogroups.com" .
> 04. Fill the "Subject:" field.
> 05. Place the cursor where you want the picture to appear
>       by clicking once in the message field.
>       Or, if you have a message, type it, then press "Enter",
>       so that the cursor is left on an empty line on the left side.
> 06. From the tool bar, select "Insert", and "Picture",
>       or just click the "Insert Picture" icon.
> 07. "Browse" to your "Picture Source".
> 08. Double-click your selected ".jpg" or ".gif" file,
>       or click once to highlight, and "Open" it.
> 09.Click "OK",
>       and the picture will appear where you have placed the cursor.
> 10. To add more pictures, move the cursor below,
>       and repeat from step 4.
> 11. "Send".

I tried it, but it does not work... maybe it depends on the browser.
However, it does work in "expand Messages" option.

> The steps above will not work if you are "Reply"ing or "Forward"ing.

> Remember, you can view the messages much easier by using
> the "Expand Messages" option at the Yahoogroup on the web.
> Cheers.

Yes, I agree about using "expand Messages" option in the message
section, it seems to be faster & better than before.