where nobody is ever there:

                         >Trying TCP connection to parachat.webpage.com:7779 ...
                         >>> The remote machine has accepted the network request
                         > ... please wait.
                         >- (c) 1996, 1997 Paralogic Corporation 
                         >- Paralogic ParaChat server 2.05.04
                         > Welcome to ParaChat Personal (main server)
                         >>> Chip has joined channel #The_PKD_Chatroom
                         >The topic is: (No topic set)
                         >Chip> Hey! Is there anybody out there? What 
am I doing here?
                         > Where is anybody?
                         >Chip> Hello?
                         >Chip> Is this place void and hollow?
                         >Chip> Fuck You!
                         >Disconnected: Chip
                         >you logged off

                         I'm not even sure this has anything to do 
with *our* PKD but the 'feel' certainly has ;-)

                         I find mucho more but am tired now. I log off too.

                         Cheers and Best!

                         from -- Andre