:1 retal for your attack on me.. cheers
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Message from AdMiRaLs LaSt StAnD (#7007) sent on 04/25/2001 03:01:54
Retal for attack on Admiral member (ADMIRALicious #16559). We retal 1:1 for all attacks no futhur retals will occur. Sorry for any inconvience good luck with the rest of the game

sent on 04/25/2001 11:36:07
You have attacked a clan at war, i have dispatched your hit to the clan(s) policing for us and you can expect a 2:1 retal for your action.

sent on 04/25/2001 14:36:22
hello, this is a retal for hitting a xNOVAx member. Our policy is 1:1 this has been enforced. Thank you and good luck.