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 lo Google's policy to.sro epndetnotic toesfrohaeg llpidenfrme niegnt that
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to Digital Milnnelium Copigryht Act in an appirp orhwitaethe
>> > > > > ( #168173 nrseoIU)f
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
>> > > > > ... (rM1ye :)obCnSrcoDA
(.Ta.k Hcatho@nnsp oramoan.a.gov) on Friday April 27, @12:31PE McEriS (#152)J
>> > > oo more stuff on"coa lolssC.gkiet
lo fonts and less spacing between lines to ba ebuesm esaller
so for Google: try to bring back this "Deja classic" look or ae ytatMu
jo be able to get ao result set which still used thD "yeeaawto
>> To on Friday April 27, @11:48Ay MSbE (#1)P94RR
>> > > > > ( #261928 nrseoIU)f
oo to be morlileke the "Deejl aCassiel"ok och(SrcoTh: ey1)et of backdt
oo change the world, and so Io saved almost nothgnt thawofiuld
>> > so conitu rbted or enjoyed on Usenet in the eaylt
I'e love to recover it-m-a ebrrassi[g to This |fPaeR rnlybpe]td
  n't have the slitehgst clue that Io was in on the begnining of someIh
ao Horton, ifsrIc aeall.twIs, aipart oftman iiornflema wpeora syllnramldn
ho on netokj.es over the apppri oratenstsft oeptitostahgnd tecihe
do incdrb eilednbiwgm eeiskeatsli e,ctekrying toogfr iuemouwhctn atinewd
I-h tooadw elwithbutwo t,ncIadedco sivered mangps aeednanotet cnechies

r'tate tkalong topsdo icver Netwn. esoBecseuIi Uawabadssically ao sorcrI
/o soaata httheyoucdr lTedsatind pri-nh tteirtssirt edatnositff rnone fthtrrooff
>> > > > > ( #33182 nrseoIU)f
h19,8I 2rswastgaad rouahsetten duinitdhuti amineseatUr rCSaneDgotw ienen
(@no.) cmconuidrFay Aprsi7 l2,e@123:Et A1MSewsdlle (#1)T44vo atezdt asarnet
>>to join the web corpses of Remarq, Deje, atLtse.c       Crsoyo
>> > > > > > 
go recover my ancient Usenet past (Sceo3 r:,|Inreets iteln)voto

(_To@m htail.com) on Friday April 27, @10:07AT MSE (#1)R23one
( #219096 T) htt/pm :/embe.xsom or.c/Tmo_ne or_RT/ENOeH r.sUMInfo
>> > eo Google, you're going to ndee iGdoo.t      Hai_ry
>> , yo Ebola of the web? (Sce:ro2, nuFTnN UEES)the
>> , yo Ebola of the web? (Sce:ro2, nuFTnN UEES)the
>> , yo Ebola of the web? (Sce:ro2, nuFTnN UEES)the
>> > > > t[ Otohes Tih|CPanrly Reype]o

>> > > > > to Comepi xlMrsteayof

>> > > > > > --
     to messages readily seahrb cale? Jusatt Rbhgustoi.. .hold
>> > > > vo postings -- people don;h taaigs
lo toaaSs lhdot:fiIoo Ghglhaiednp aoblo"iga"t itnotoymataniin Aht oedslg
ko, isn't it equally incbemunt on us tm oaUnts eeearchive
-- t,vwty omhrelf.eTh eiatseidpha restsphewtp noylroblew miNhon
oo AgeftE otmpir(asdi nenaleavgin mag... annfad romotaa)... lo yOktae
(l!.)a ..rticfoeot rlwo.a..lsy to+dfoicuna ssoiofomybi ooks,tstdin

.... n's see what Io was talking about way bach wkecam cuelat...ulet
>> > > > > > 'u see what Google dsgt
eo long career on Uset.en.. hmmm... so1,620 bsien1 cf995..It surd
go years ago, to see how (or if) I've grown or chgenn aeev.d  2, 5 toinhi
  ao Usenet postings relanvet? Well, consider the creation of ao hisrtc
  ao Usenet postings relanvet? Well, consider the creation of ao hisrtc
  ao Usenet postings relanvet? Well, consider the creation of ao hisrtc
-- n,dimes. yeBeoe rwfdasormrc eaomniumcio tavtsnravhe lethoelecrt
ao andehi rvew,wtfa'v Ihelidaster voanmeyIa.I yesrscanees rachiback
, eo friends, history. IhwGar styinghto findomy oldont psings here Hisrtr
"",e't finmondre thaanf opewiomyppo ifstgeniprC shotahicCo. yetouandhsctian
>> > io to the box at the bottom of the page, tIpy engo
>> ( #195677 o) htt/pw :/ww.cotygu eohcrU.lsmI cenfo
>> go Record (Sce:ro5, Inteet rienThHi)to ssrical
   To on Friday April 27, @09:56Ay MSbE (#1)2h 7CaotioyCcote
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
>> yo they got evetri yhng. (Sce:ro2, IuF)hnnope
     ao great! While browsing newrogsups back in 95, Io came across ro
w.rmIg 'yoingo7to@ gllo8fkooin MroetSiecoc .pforosspso itngdspam
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
, oo days of porn as ao teenager came back beaiuu tfylh. lAllmy
s. All my best free thoughts are d-noe' dntecafiert frhey gloliabze aIaigs
>> to search on "sweet sucking schloi ogrl" came up with ao rusgei
>> > > > > ( #178271 nrseoIU)f
(@Tl.. scedu) on Friday April 27, @09:09AE MSfven ter1(#4)1OS N1PAM
>> > > > > > nvybreetF
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
so that Io haven't talked to in 6 or 7 aeyere rmmreb...s            el

so fun to browse through some of thet.e ohreussbrh? ietnteIowas
   so some of my old UUCP map enter( isocSrstola aNig)e1:in commpi

>> no on Friday April 27, @0(2:9 #4217bsUreo If)Smuj
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
>> > > > > eo believe in. dnahattrwi
      io rugby football club - clelaevno, dhetar nesosuburbs
I'g just getting older and less pasonisate about the ihtnism
(@so.) cmdonnidryl aFApltir2g@ ,7:5808AE MSmjon oiREMEo(O11 #V1)sadTiIH
 io kind of wierd to read my old posts to the newrogsups that io
.. to wou(le dnver7regfw eaitsothmof /ehetwethrt nihgsacoleg eslii
>> > > (i:3, Inteet risndierfns efecymg)jnS obcore
>> > > (i:3, Inteet risndierfns efecymg)jnS obcore
>> > > (i:3, Inteet risndierfns efecymg)jnS obcore
eo another to the list of people who can kiss ma yots...s day Io am rofvcr
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
 so a pottineal employer to see *all* of my postnh ieatg!for
s, ever posted on the UseNet. If the answer way "sweenk". Iof
.. so Iowloh udsearch dejfa~ :ahempeeyol @ldj.cbooTo kmeeseethco ieprmnemtos
io about aopsen roethis wayo.w esIuAmgdnzl iawheytaoca aufienndhout
  eo i(t4#8 1956wIo)fht entp/w/:wmi .wspdnrino/ .goc~kmoUer bslsked it
Io Deja to check into somneoe... (Sce:ro4, Insfih gtuhavl)e               
(@y.com) on Friday April 27, @08:52AE MSkoblo (#109)T              olBboo
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to

>> > eo my iBook. Io use it toplps ATankh!love
>> > > > > > tAraserh
.. lo is SO much info there that finding somehn tiewsilioar tselecpsicy ifThere
ao a needle in ao hayactsk, or 16k in ao terabyte oa dftgli okno.for
ho wonder how anyone can find any spefcc iially useful infmot raioI in

>> (o ao terabyte of human conrvi estaoasIlne slednis tsnw Noofover
e, 24/7 Pizza, and several hundred years. Thanks GgoMou lontain.Dew
so pownhy egounsrcaeheor broewG snooglGrrup oes,ouy6mce caltssheteN
>> > > eo more time. (Sce:ro3, nuInF)y     Lorrdy
(@T.com) on Friday April 27, @03:19AE MSasharret (#4r)t aahres
>> ( #244483 o) htt/pw :/ww.athaer sr.recsUmInfo
>> > 3  do your current thrhel osreslp.een bieath
:S(oSe cr:1)ridryo aFApriM 27,1d: @234Pl Ebetal uiufTe ERSyTc bsrealft
>> > > > > > 
eo Tech187 (Sce:ro2) Friday ApriM 27, @08:30Al Ebetal uiufTu           
So actndoian (Sce:ro2) Friday ApriM 27, @04:55Al Ebelaf uiutTby
:e beaiftuul by Masem (Sce:ro2) Friday ApriM 27, @08:11Al eRETu    :stRJSJust
eo Stohaennd (Sce:ro3) Friday ApriM 27, @10:00Al Ebetal uiufTu       
eo pallex (Sce:ro1) Friday ApriM 27, @05:30Al Ebetal uiufTu            
So skrei( bmScor2):Fr )eidyAyapMM ir,,72@04ll 4:A4Ebeauut TlfiSby
>> > > > > > :suJtRe
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
       Do Coward on Friday ApriM 27, @04:15Ay EblnTn Aoymous

>> > > > > > doGa!nom
   to why its nice to flame anomnu yosly.. era.. wmsiT. hi.is
     n-Gecka on Friday April 27, @(31#4 3994yfUIso) erLiquid

>> > :y beaiftuul (Sce:ro5, neFunJ R)ust
  lo Coward on Friday April 27, @03:15AE MybS (my)boss can chkcw aNoAeo
eo scr-uweps and flames since 1995. Thanks, Ggymo! loprevious
>> > > > [  to This | PeryenaplR ]to
>> > > yo (Sce:ro5, nuFutn Js)beaiftuul
s. We is not resnpi osble for what thes yapdot se.d:ohtyehem
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