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issue 19 "h0h0h0! | |^ |> | 4 |_ 0h0h0h!"

"...you peeps keep these work days rolling quicker - enjoy it"
via email

"China Redhackers will beat down all the hegemonism of the world"
China Redhackers

"Hegemony hegemony, you are the fairest creature..."
Scritti Politti

"fuck your mother!!!
Our great mother land won't be afraid of your's!!!
Beat down imperialism of American!!!"

"China's "kiddies" need to step the fuck back before they get knocked the
fuck back. I'm not playing with you."
Hackah Jak [Hackweiser-Project China]

\*****>  go see

\*****>  go see

\*****>  go read
The updated administravia

\*****> execute
perl -le '$_="6110>374086;2064208213:90<307;55";tr[0->][ LEOR!AUBGNSTY];print'

\*****>  go see

\*****> "Capitalism is the most barbaric of all religions"

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Mozilla .9 is awesome.

\*****>  A classic, classic, Website

\*****>  go see

\*****> Famous Last Words
The last word of the last film by Stanley Kubrik is: "Fuck".

\*****> New T Shirts
++                                                ++
++       http://www.cafepress.com/irdial          ++
++                                                ++
++             is where they live                 ++
++                                                ++
++  There is now a shirt for The Conet Project    ++
++              (it had to happen)                ++
++                                                ++
++                     and                        ++
++                                                ++
++         There is a BLOGDIAL T-shirt            ++
++                                                ++
++                 0wn3 1 2d4y!                   ++
++                                                ++

\*****>  heh
Number of people who filled out census forms: 50%
Number who entered Jedi 14%

\*****> Before you die
Miles Davis: "Aura" 'Violet', 'yellow'
In his autobiography Miles says of AURA: "I think it's a masterpiece, I really
do". Originally recorded in '85 and released in 1989.

\*****> Liquid Quartz Volume 1 Released
Liquid Quartz Vol1, the first of the new series of releases from Anthony Manning
has just arrived in our post. It is a CD in a jewel case, which comes wrapped in
a hand cut transparent paper wrapper, with a tamper evident sticker closing the
folds. The printing is on high quality art board, and the right thumb print of
Anthony Manning is made on the inside face of the print, sporting beneath it, a
serial number. We have number 68. The front color image is intense in its
colors; this is a very beautiful package.

The music is a further progression in Anthonys evolution; taking up where
"concision" left off, extrapolating, extending and refining that work into new
and interesting areas. Go get it, go hear it. Hear it go. Let it get you.

                         Smallfish Records: Hello all!
As you all know or not we have the third "Smallfish" party this coming Saturday 
12/05/01. The room we use is the small one just behind the main room.  The theme 
for the night is one of pure PARTYPARTY... Meaning musically we will be playing 
all the Funk-Disco-Boogie classics of our past time.

                      The hosts for the evening will be,
           Steve SKYE' Pickton, Mike Oliver, Juergen Junker, Lee Grainge

The event is for the coming of a hopefully hot summer so get your party hat's on 
and come on down... If you would like to be on the guest list then please let 
Lee Grainge know by way of e-mail >>> leeg@soundtree.fsnet.co.uk <<< or >>> 
lee@smallfish.co.uk <<< Free or a small concession... Smallfish hosts this room 
at Headstart Bi-monthly. Keep your eyes open for interesting fixtures to come.

\*****>  h0h0h0!
Get ready to laugh your bollocks off (if you have bollocks; if you don't you can
laugh your ass off either way!) these are excerpts from just a few of the
relentless numbers of defaced web pages that are hacked every day.

- -/- tty0 - 0wn3d y0u -/-
Yeah, USA is sux country, captalist injust, h0h0h0h0, but..., I have reason !!!
Hunm... , Bush , Bush is pig captalist... Yeah... FUCK USA , FUCK BUSH !!!
Hey , I not like ALCA , no , ALCA is sux, it is for explore my country(Brasil).
USA explore wolrd , but... , not to forever... , h0h0h0h0 , not to forever...
one day... all go to diferent... , and one communist flag , up to sky of USA...

Imperialism , not during for forever , romans have destructeds in pass ,
USA Imperialism... Destruction... Is time question...

Defaced domain: www.bsc.com.cn
Site Title: www.bsc.com.cn

Mirror: http://www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/2001/05/04/www.bsc.com.cn/

Defaced by: Project China

Operating System: NT4
Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0
Country cn: china
www.bsc.com.cn has address
HIDDEN comments in the HTML.

Project China's E-mail: fuk-china@hushmail.com

Beijing securities, erm, looks like "j00 g0ts 0wn3d"

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear China,
We're sorry that you don't train your fighter pilots better. As a token of our
apology, here's a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.(Please take note of
the Copyright)
We're sorry that you're front-line fighter planes can't outmaneuver a 35 year
old prop-driven airliner. Perhaps you'd like to consider purchasing some surplus
1950's era Lockheed Star Fighters from Taiwan. (We just replaced all theirs with
shiny new F-16's).

We're sorry his aircraft recognition skills were so poor he didn't realize the
EP-3 aircraft was propeller driven and flew his aircraft through its propeller
arc, destroying his aircraft and nearly killing 24 American crewmen.

We're sorry that you believe your territorial waters extend all the way to
Australia. For future reference, here's an American 6th grade geography
textbook. (Please take note of the Copyright information printed inside the

We're sorry we have to fly surveillance missions to monitor a country that has
nuclear missiles pointed at us.

We're sorry your fighter pilot's survival training and equipment was so
inadequate that he couldn't survive until your poorly trained and equipped navy
could find him (they turned down our offer for search and rescue assistance).

We're sorry you violated international law and arrested the crewmen of an
aircraft that legally diverted into your airfield under emergency conditions
caused by your pilot's actions.

We're sorry you violated international law and boarded a state aircraft.

We're sorry that you can't seem to see your part of this incident. We know that
it may seem easier to blame others than to take responsibility. Consider this
fact while we build several new Aegis destroyers for our friends in the Republic
of China (Taiwan).

We're especially sorry for treating you with such respect for the last 20 years.
We will definitely rethink this policy and probably go back to treating you like
a common, untrustworthy street gang very soon.

We're very sorry for ever granting you Most- Favored-Nation trading status and
supporting your entrance into the World Trade Organization. This will be
rectified at the soonest possible opportunity.

We're sorry the world is now seeing you for the enemy of freedom, truth, and
democracy that you really are.

We're sorry you see yourself as a superpower when in reality you are a third
world nation (the average Chinese worker earns less than 10 cents a day).

We're sorry you are losing so much face over this.

We're sorry that you were able to steal missile and nuclear secrets from us.

We're sorry you haven't learned from the Soviet Union's collapse and failed to
embrace democracy and capitalism (compare tiny Taiwan and mainland China; same
people, same culture, but Taiwan's capitalistic economy is a powerhouse and
China's economy is still mired in communism).

And most of all, we're sorry for the Chinese people who suffer its leaders'


   -Hackah Jak
   -ALL of Project China
   -The United States of America

 PS... Kiss our ass.

Well, after picking yourself off of the floor from laughing, can you see how
much fun these guys are having? Oh how they must laugh! There are literally
hundreds of sites being defaced every day; sometimes only a single line is
posted in place of the index.html. Other times, fully blown flash movies are
posted, with music, bells & whistles included.

******  more hilarious hacks:

the first ever hack of MSNBC:


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