pfe- 30

     the madness of tokyo visits    re- visited
  >         еееееее     е  ееее еееее   ееее ее   е еее

            thursday night in shibuya saw a club filled with 500+ people
            to hear a night of german electronic pop at е5500 a ticket
                                                ( to work with that 
sort of budget) <<
           vert   |   oval   |   mouse on mars
        .                                    ..                      _
    vert doesn't bear mention
  (the old laptop with a bit of 'live' keyboard over the top),
but the crowd loved him.     ..
                        .               . +
       then oval                  markus popp is all pop..
            .his gestures (camp pop) mixed with crowd pleasing foot 
tapping tracks, all be it covered in.loud grating sounds. his recent 
stuff has been filled with noise     --
    which almost covers the clicking rhythm tracks underneath.     the 
sound through a good pa   was fantastic, almost too much to deal with

          .at the start an over excited crowd cheered,
                     one member screaming phrase and many happily dancing....
  but    popp played for way too long,
  the tracks all started to sound the same by the end.. i sat down 
with sore legs (must be getting old)
      the weirdest part of the night was mouse on mars...
i have wondered how they use the drummer in the
their live sets ..
the answer is lock          everything down to four four.        the drummer
      was bloody good don't get me wrong.         from the start it 
featured rock
               bass and drums with plenty of cheering from 
crowd...from there i watched the audience pogo
    +scream at synth lines which would have fitted happily in the whiz kids
     they knew the tracks of the latest album by heart....again 
screaming as the drummer sung a line.

          the set was held down by a computer which played most of the 
sound (slightly hidden away),
over which the three played.    bass/drums/computer synth etc... 
entertainment for sure and certainly
          *pop* madness

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