||        pfe   -   30.1

             may 8th            <
                 tuesday evening at 7pm  started with mainliner
              -   makoto kawabata on guitar // koji shimura on drums
                and the sun glasses& leather
                jeans    wearing leopardskin jacketed bass star
                 *rock*   ...   hard rock for the release of their new 
album on PSF.
            alan cummings has said the release is heavier than anything you
will hear this week !!
short and sweet
     at this point the fun really began >>   shoji hano and munehiro 
narita as the duo
'kyoaku no intention'. long improv of free drums and psych-guitar madness.
                         ..never approaching a reg.beat for more than 
a few seconds...
            >>                   .
                           this was followed closely by        'zu kanku'
                      \          - hano drums and vocals, kawabata 
(and his hair),
      and shimura on bass - shimura is a much better bass player than he
is a drummer <
     this was more madness as kawabata played guitar without strap...
     screaming wahwah feedback with hair...                  ||
       _                                                            _
        then to end it all, after the audience screamed / clapped and
screamed some more, was             *  high rise
     it was hard  to return to high rise's straight ahead rock thing
         ....  hano on drums was too too amazing to go back to 
listening to shimura //
               who looked like he was going to die and had to leave 
the stage at one point
          high rise's hard rock-ness was, however,
  fully entertaining and i could have easily done with more of it     . all
       it was all over by 10pm!!

    _      pfe-   30.1  -
   .    .                        ..                _