9a (3 times)

nj gf ol rf ik ed .l tf hj fr ki ft jn de lo fg l.
lo fir old rig lot fit gin fog left sign lend dike
Olge has the first slot; Jena is to skate for her.

9b (2 times)

Ken said he is to sign the list and take the disk. 
It is right for her to take the lei if ir is hers.
Jae has gone to see an old oaken desk at the sale.

He said to enter Oh. for Ohio and Kan. for Kansas
It is said that Lt. Li has an old jet at Lake Ida.
L. N. is at the King Hotel; Harl is at the Leland.

9c (3 times)

j j uj uj us us us jug jug jut jut due due fur fur 
uj uj jug jug sue sue lug lug use use lug lug dues
a jug; sue us; the fur; use it; a fur rug; is just

d d cd cd cod cod cog cog tic tic cot cot can cans
cd cd cod cod ice ice can can code code dock docks
a cod; a cog; the ice; she can; the dock; the code

cud cud cut cuts cur curs cue cues duck ducks clue
a cus  a cur; to cut; the cue; the cure; for luck;
use a clue; a fur coat; take the cue; cut the cake

9d (2 times)

in cut nut ran cue can cot fun hen car urn den cog
Nan is cute; he is curt; turn a cog; he can use it

Kae had taken a lead.  Jack then cut ahead of her.
I said to use Kan.  for kansas and Or. for Oregon.

and cue for jut end kit led ols fit jost golf coed
an due cut such fuss rich lack turn dock turf curl

an urn is due to cut for us to use cut off such as
just in code it turn on cure it as such is in luck

Nida is to get the ice; Jacki is to call for cola.
Ira is sure that he can go there in an hour or so.