pfe - 31

two divergent performances in sydney
       _                                 ___________

     >>   could there be two more divergent performances?
   - carsten nicolai >> art gallery of new south wales
   - dualplover release event   >> headquarters/crown street

the first held last    friday night at the big gallery on the hill.
      what a great opportunity for free wine to start the friday night.

carsten played in the very bottom right gallery, between him and the 
project space was the bar
    >>this is where most waited for the show ||after |  briefly 
looking in on the white installation
          and here they began to drink and carry out important 
discussions - which as would be excepted continued into the next room 
where nicolai was playing
he stood in front of his trademark video projections, this time two 
screens in mirror form.
    the set started with stark quiet    high tones...the voices 
continued...before bringing in a deep bass beat
    - to which the voices had to be raised....
              while he played i over heard
              conversations from well dressed gallery goers through
              to art workers/curators/new media types - you pick who 
goes with which
     1. it is a lot harder to park a sedan than a hatchback, esp when 
one is used to a hatchback
             (repeat 4-5 times)
     2. today i had a meeting with such and such, have you see her new 
     3. i wish he would turn it down, i'm finding it hard to hear myself think
     4. when all the piss is finished where should we go next...

           for the most part this set was made up of gently juxtaposed
     high tones     with ceiling ratterling bass throb.
      *noto* at his best and a way more convincing display than
       his performances here a few months back

and what of the need to display this type of work in the exhibition context
        why bring these artists all the way from europe only to play at an
        opening...     more money than sense??
---- -

    +++++             but compared    to tuesday night
    lucas abela set up the  release event for sweden and the rebirth of fool 2
      at well known
        cruise and fuck maze in crown street
       >>  a not to be missed    chance to safely look around

          rooms all painted black....the odd harness, fake toilet
  and even an outback 4-wheel drive couch complete with role bars..
.oh and more porn flicks than you could shake a big cock at.
(i still have gutter mouth)

          things to see ranged from  spanky  all
decked out in ruff-trade over alls and fighter-pilot helmet
           playing a kangaroo gaming console --- smallcock locked in a 
dunny playing with his
stylus     mouth thing ---and   ---    three sets by sweden in diff. 
rooms and attire...
      the best set being  sung in    ++  ethal merman  ++
      vocal style - 'there's no business like show buiness' etc etc
      through to a hard-rock version of   'whole lot of love '

   simply beautiful


       pfe -

       those in sydney check
                 for imp.aud night of laptops 15 july