VIRUS Alert!!!!!!
WARNING to all Internet users! There is a dangerous new virus propagating
across the Internet through a web page created by MOUCHETTE. DO NOT OPEN ANY
ATTACHEMENT ENTITLED ROMAN_MINAEV.EXE. If anyone receives mail with an
attachment entitled ROMAN_MINAEV.EXE please delete it WITHOUT reading it.
Send this email to as many people as you can. This is a new virus and not
many people know about it.
One of the pages in the MOUCHETTE.ORG website generates the infected
attachement which will propagate through your entire mailbox. This web page
appears to be a simple and friendly HTML page asking you to tell YOUR NAME.
But by the time you read it, it is too late: the applet virus will have
secretly connected to another URL, and concealing its activity with
entertaining sounds, it will deconstruct all of the data present. It is a
self-replicating virus and, once the URL is loaded, it will AUTOMATICALLY
forward itself to anyone whose e-mail address is present in YOUR mailbox.
This virus will DAMAGE your WEB SITE and holds the potential to
DECONSTRUCT the  entire WEB SITE of anyone whose mail is in
your in-box and whose mail is in their in-box, and so on.
Please avoid opening the attachement entitled ROMAN_MINAEV.EXE as soon as
you see it. And pass this message along to all of your friends, relatives
and other readers of the newsgroups and mailing lists which you are on so
that they are not hurt by this dangerous virus. Please pass this along to
everyone you know so this can be stopped.
There is a simple way to fight this virus: go to any page on Mouchette's
using your usual email, to confuse her settings.
Also posting to will help create a
group of ANTI-MOUCHETTE activists who will fight her dangerous practices.
Once again, please send this letter to as many people as you can. This
is a new virus and not many people know about it.
This information was received fromCustomer Service Representative
Computer CorporationLynne WoodwardAdministrative Assistant
Office of Development and External RelationsEmory University