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100 subscribers!

    * To: asco-o-discussion@physics.mcmaster.ca
    * Subject: 100 subscribers!
    * From: Doug Welch <welch@darkstar.astro.washington.edu>
    * Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 05:43:15 -0800

Hello Variable Star Lurkers,

We are now at the century mark. It is time for some of you folks to 
start posting! Below are a few administrative items of potential

1) asco-o-ccd

I have started a discussion list specifically for asco-o-ccd discussion
in the expectation that this will presumably be of less general interest.
It works pretty much the way you might expect.

To subscribe: e-mail asco-o-ccd-request@physics.mcmaster.ca with the
word SUBSCRIBE as the first word in the BODY of the message.

To post: e-mail asco-o-ccd@physics.mcmaster.ca

2) digest

I have not yet figured out the intricacies of digest, so they are NOT
yet available. This obviously goes for the asco-o-ccd list as well.

3) introductory membership

If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining, there is
now a half-price introductory membership available for the first
three years. I include a copy of the form below. Feel free to pass it


                asco-o MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Full Name:    __________________________________________________________
Full Address: __________________________________________________________
Telephone:    _________________________________ Fax:  __________________
E-Mail        __________________________________________________________
hereby applies for ________________________ (type) membership in the
   American Association of Variable Star Observers (asco-o).
Age:  ________________________________ Birth Date: _____________________
Vocation: ______________________________________________________________
Telescopic Equipment: __________________________________________________
Astronomical Experience (if any): ______________________________________
How did you learn about the asco-o?______________________________________

                                              Special Introductory
Types of Memberships Offered and Dues:        Rate/Year for 3 Years
Annual:       Adult:                                  $25.00
              Junior: (Ages 16-20):                   $15.00
                                                 (or until age 20,
                                              whichever comes first)
Sustaining:                                           $100.00

Plus a one-time US $1.00 application fee.  We accept check, money order,
and Mastercard/Visa credit cards.

If using a credit card, please fill out the following information:
Card#: _________________________ Exp. Date:__________ Amount:$__________
Cardholder's Name (as on card): ________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Please send your application, first year's dues, and application fee to:
Director, asco-o, 25 Birch Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA.

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.  Final membership acceptance
is dependent upon qualifications review by the Director and a favorable
vote by the Council.

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