|tutor|         30 minutes training course for beginners
|copying|       About copyrights and Uganda
|www|           Vim on the World Wide Web
|bugs|          Where to send bug reports
Detailed documentation files:                   *doc-file-list* *X_ct*

General subjects ~
|intro.txt|     general introduction to Vim; notation used in help files
|help.txt|      overview and quick reference (this file)
|index.txt|     alphabetical index of all commands
|help-tags|     all the tags you can jump to (index of tags)
|howto.txt|     how to do the most common editing tasks
|tips.txt|      various tips on using Vim
|message.txt|   (error) messages and explanations
|quotes.txt|    remarks from users of Vim
|todo.txt|      known problems and desired extensions
|develop.txt|   development of Vim
|uganda.txt|    Vim distribution conditions and what to do with your money