don't Bomb 19.09.2001, 22:38 MEZ (GET)

No bombs on the newspaper Bild, no bombs on Afghanistan! 

On september 11. 2001 the World Trade Center in New York, a headquarter of
the interstates financial market, was destroyed by terrorists with 2
airplanes. Thousands of humans were killed. Then a type of religious war
propaganda against an imaginary enemy startet in the USA and Europe. 
After some action the undergroundserver (ugs) on 16.9.2001 called to send
war- and terror-critical texts into the online-forums of the german
newspaper Bild ( The topic "Kritik der Neo Warconomy" ("Criticism
of the Neo Warconomy") created by ugs in the forum "Angriff gegen Amerika"
("Attack against America"), was closed on 17.9. by the moderators, because
the postings were obviously "counter productive" (->,
forums, Frequently Asked Questions). At the night to 18.9., approx. 00:15,
the police rang and checked the ID of the owner/operator of the
ugs-Webpage, it is until today unclear on which law this was based. At the
same time the webmaster (?) of the company from Berlin called by
telephone and requested the operator to stop the assumed spamming because
this would "burn cash" (quotation).

Ugs asks: which mini hysteria permitts german police to check an hobbyistic
Internetactivist on an unproven note to the massive send away of E-Mail,
and what allows the cooperation of police with a technical-administrative
representative of the largest german daily newspaper to prevent free
speech? A thesis: Media Power is Economic Power is Political Power is
Technical Power. In this dimension the following formula can be created: No
bombs on the newspaper Bild, no bombs on Afghanistan!


Kritik der Neo Warconomy (in german)