Secretly Record Everything Your Kids, Mistress, the FBI,
Pesky Activist Artists, Spouse, or Employees Are Doing
On Your Computer While You're Away !

Undetectable & So Easy To Use, a Child
Could Install It.

Be set up and running 30 minutes from now !

Take hundreds of snapshots
of your computers activity every hour,
very much Like A Surveillance Camera,
without anyone knowing but you.

Install this software on your computer
and it will Record Everything anyone
does with your computer.

We even have an add-on that will let
you secretly monitor your computer remotely,
from anywhere in the world, without going near
that computer, ever again !

Learn the contents of Every Email, Every Chat Room,
Every Web-Site viewed while anyone uses your computer...

Capture & Record every word typed into
your computer, in Absolute Secrecy !

Retrieve this information at your convenience.

Our software is Totally Undetectable &
Password Protected, which means only
you can access its hidden log files.

Yes we said Totally Undetectable !

It will not show up in the programs menu.

It will not show up if you hit Control Alt Delete
to see whats running in the taskbar,.

This incredible new software records Computer
and Internet activity, much like a camcorder,
and lets you play back the recorded

It records All applications loaded,  All web
sites visited,  All chat conversations,
and  All incoming and out going e-mail activity.

It's like standing over their shoulder while they
surf the net or work on the computer.

You See What They See!!

Top 10 Reasons People Use Our Software:

1.Monitor & Record what their kids are
doing on the Internet.

2.Record their kids chat sessions.

3.Help Protect their kids from Internet

4.Monitor & Record their employees PC
and Internet Usage.

5.Save & Protect their computer projects
in case of a crash.

6.Find Out if their spouse is having an
online affair.

7.Determine who uses their computer while
they are away.

8.Keep a Record of their own PC and
Internet activity.

9.Train other users on new applications.

10.Record activity for technical support

Who We Are:

Computer Software Services;

 We develop, market and support PC and
Internet products for both consumers
and businesses.

 Recognizing that families and corporations
need to know how their members are using
their PCs and what they are doing on the

 This Company was founded to provide the first
useful and intuitive recording and playback
product for PCs running Windows 95, Windows
98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

 This company's first product, was introduced
in early 1999 to rave reviews from the critics,
including 6 top awards from ZDNET, PC Computing,
Kim Kommando and REG.NET.

 We strive to deliver great software at
affordable prices, backed up by outstanding


We are available 6 days a week.You will
be able to call us for personal help especially
if you aren't comfortable with software installation.
We are used to helping parents install our software
on their computers.


Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows 2000
Windows NT Windows Millenium
Pentium-based PC running at 100 MHz or faster
16M of memory (32M or higher for best


  If this software doesn't do everything we say,
notify us within 72 hours, and we will refund
your purchase price.

              RESELLERS WANTED !

                    HOW TO ORDER

           (For your convenience we accept Visa,
                MasterCard, or American Express.)

             Sale  Price: $69.95 US (Ends Friday October 12 2001)

               Regularly: $99.95 US

              Order Line: 1-519-371-5373
            Fax Your Order With Email Address:


 Place your order with us and within 15 minutes in
your email box you will receive the download
co-ordinates, serial number, order confirmation
number, and our tech help line.


    *** Order before closing this Friday, receive
        this New 14-chapter E-book on the best and
        most overlooked ways to profit on the Internet,
        priced at $49.95, ABSOLUTELY FREE ***

 Office hours are Monday To Friday 8 am to 6 pm Central Time.

Computer Software Services
BOCA RATON, FL 33498-6747

Back-up Cd available on request.$10.00

This software is just over a megabyte, which means
you can save it to a floppy disc for easy installation.

Some Comments From Our Users:

"I recently purchased the online version
of this software from you because I wanted to
know if my husband was still cheating on me.
Sure enough, he was. I got the proof I needed
less than 24 hours after I had made the purchase.
-J. Gills
Los Angeles, California

"I wanted to let you know that I have
had your product for a year now. It
is the best money I have ever spent.
It's easy to install, HIDE, and

I am not really computer literate
when it comes to using and installing
programs but this one is easy. You can
monitor anyone who uses the computer and
play it back just like videotape.

It really takes a picture of any screen they
are on from start up to sign off. IM's,
chat rooms, web sites, letters, even if
they run scan disk or something.

I highly recommend this product especially
if you have children on the web."
-M. Eubanks
Vicksburg, Mississippi

"Great Product. Easy to use. Easy to
change options. A breeze to install.
-Patricia MacDougall
Victoria BC, Canada

"Helps me keep my employees honest and on

-A. Shupp
Sisters, Oregon

"My two daughters are 8 and 10 and love
to get on the Internet. I do not always
have the time to be looking over their
shoulders, so now I feel so much reassured
that even though I cannot be there at every
minute, I know every minute what they have been
-L. Mathis
Jacksonville, Florida

"If we could have only one program on my
computer, yours would be it. We love it!"
-J. Rogers
Wilmington, North Carolina

"This is a definite must for the office PC...
increases productivity."
-G. Blackwell
Charleston, South Carolina

"The product is pretty slick. Does what it promises."
-V. Shettigar
San Jose, California

"The problem with blocker programs is that they can't
block it all. Your software proves useful because it
doesn't have to block the site, it just keeps
everyone accountable for their own actions.
Great product."
-R. DeBok
Kansas City, Kansas

"It works great. Gives me peace of mind
by being able to check where my kids have
been on the Web. Thanks."
-G. Savage
Tucson, Arizona

"Wonderful tool to monitor children on Internet,
to know where they go!"
-J. Denison
Lexington, Kentucky

"One of the BEST investments I EVER made.
Your product is great. THANKS"
-R. Sawyer
Haverhill, Massachusetts

To order extra licenses,call us and we will
email them to you. Discounts apply to orders
over 10 licenses. We do not condone or recommend
any illegal use of this software. Please obtain
the advice of an attorney if you plan to install
this on any equipment except your own personal