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    * The ASCII Art Webring   - To join sites must have ASCII art, with artists initials left in. The webring's goal is to promote ASCII Art on the web.
    * Respect ASCII Artists Campaign   - When an ASCII artist draws any art, that art is rightfully theirs. No other person has a right to claim the art. Most ASCII artists will tag their art in some form or another.

    * ASCII Art Chat - Web based chat on an artist's site. Try the ASCII Art quiz.
    * ASCII Art Documents Archive - Written by some of the regulars in the newsgroup alt.ascii-art. Some of these documents are directly related to the group, while others are general ASCII Art reference.
    * ASCII Art: Super Low Bandwidth - From the Web Developer: Design Diary. August 18, 1997. By Heather Champ.
    * ASCII Arts Ring - Consists of sites that feature ASCII art. They are linked together using a navigator that each member site adds to his/ her pages.
    * ASCII Image Group - Will do free art work, by request. See samples on the site.
    * ASCII Postcards - Cards to send through email. Selection available.
    * ASCII Ribbon Campaign - Campaign against gratuitous graphics on the internet.
    * AsciiXchange - Works a little like a guestbook program but instead of leaving greetings you can show your ASCII Art to the world.
    * Asco-o - Web archived email list.
    * Backwash: I've Always Wanted my Name in ASCII - Article about creating and using ASCII art, especially for signatures.
    * Backwashkids: Computer Art - Kids Can Do It - Article about making ASCII art, geared to kids.
    * FunnyBone - Weekly ezine of jokes illustrated with ASCII Art by Joan Stark.
    * Geekhaus ASCII Cards - Free ASCII art cards sent by email. Art by Joan Stark.
    * GraphICQs - Free ASCII art for use in ICQ messages. Selection of graphics and instructions for placing the line art in messages.
    * HypEcrites - Research and experimental site. All about the history and development of hypertext and its relationship to e-poetry. Site fully designed in ASCII.
    * Keyboard Art - A list devoted to the drawings that can be created with the symbols contained on a standard computer keyboard.
    * Pinxy's ASCII Art Club - Email list for sharing ASCII art.
    * Six Line ASCII Art Challenge - The rules: 1. It must be exactly six lines. 2. It must be new.
    * Thuglife.Org ASCII Archive - Contains ASCII packs and ASCII collies, all sorted by group. The latest in ASCII and scene news. Unique links.
    * The Who is Who in Ascii Art - The Who is Who in ASCII Art (or in alt.ascii-art), maintained by Andreas.
    * Wz.com: The Busy Person's Guide to ASCII Art - Geared to using ASCII art in email signatures and website promotion. Ezine gives instructions for making ASCII art.
    * Yahoo Groups: Anonymous ASCII Artists - Small email list for ASCII artists.
    * Yahoo Groups: ASCII Art Email List - Forum for discussing and sharing line printer artwork. List has been going since 1996.

    * Usenet alt.ascii-art - news: - Deja
    * Usenet alt.ascii-art.animation - news: - Deja
    * Usenet rec.arts.ascii - news: - Deja
    * Usenet alt.binaries.pictures.ascii - news: - Deja

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