Do You:

A.) Enjoy asco-o, but not know much about it?
B.) Feel intimidated whenever the topic comes up in conversation?
C.) Wonder what all the fuss is about?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Asco-O For
DummiesTm is for you! It's the easiest way to learn the basics without
even taking time out from your schedule.

This is no dry lecture. yann and mi_ga have a messy conversational
style and a wicked sense of humor. They make it fun to fine tune your
irritation with the great works and the artists who create them in this
   * How to Spot Spam: The Masks of Asco-O
   * From Discourse to Remorse: A Field Guide to Net-Art
   * The Surprising Proclivities of Legendary Artists
   * The Internet's Most Beloved ASCII-Art Texts and How They Got There

Along the way, the authors illustrate their points with samples from
seven of the most beloved and memorable pieces of asco-o ever written!

Asco-O For DummiesTm is the fun and easy way to open the door
to a ``richer cultural experience.''

Format: Text; Subformat: asco-o; Length: 290 Kilobytes