I'm not an avid list poster, but I need to draw people's attention to 
something which I came across this weekend.

http://www.muserna.org, has been obviously plagiarized by a John White C, a 
digital artist, who has already shown Muserna's work in LA and Chicago, and 
is now showing it in SOHO at the Deitch, as a commissioned work of the 
Tirana Biennele, with Miltos Manetas, this week.

John White C has entitled the piece "STEG," short for stegosaurus I assume, 
although in fact the image is of a tricerotops.

Here is John White C's version, its on the cover of this site. It is also 
under "Electronic Projects:"
It's also at Tirina Biennele Electronic Orphanage site:

Its also here with this gallery:
Pic and link to his rip in John White C. artist area.

And its on John White's portfolio site, listed under "Projects":

Here is Muserna's work, it is Big Monster # 5, created in 1999
Here are all of the Big Monsters:

There's the proof.  Muserna also has real world prints of these pieces as 
well, and has exhibited them before, in 1999.

This is not an example of reappropriation, no major changes to the image 
were made.  Here is an example of total copyright infringement, Muserna was 
never contacted about this, and he is not even given any kind of credit.

So what kind of *artistic* motivations led JOHN WHITE C to right click that 
image and choose save as "STEG"?

-- Margaret

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