> John White C has entitled the piece "STEG," short for stegosaurus I assume,
> although in fact the image is of a tricerotops.

well, if he's not a spoiled mac-brat ( which is the theme for electronic
orphanage, i cant run flash here, and was mildly disgusted when i viewed
it 12 hours later, that macos is not compatible with dinosaurs, ) and if
he has average grant-sniffing skills, he will explain that "steg" is abr
for "steganography," and that his littering this piece onto every center
he could find, was to further the goals of availability and persistence,
he can claim till the day he dies, there is a private key which will un
lock the true art, transparent, lingering in the mush of his plagiarism.

not sure where else you had sent this to.