Dear contributor,

Thank you for your submission to the Net_Working
online exhibition @ Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, 20-29
November 2001. I am now pleased to inform you that your
work has been accepted.

There has been a huge response to this call for
web work and we intend to show around 300 pieces, which
means that this will be the largest virtual exhibition ever!
A major problem for an exhibition on this scale is
helping the audience to experience as many pieces as
possible and so we are including numerous viewing methods
within the website's interface.

We intend to offer choices of viewing by:
artist's name,  title of work,  image,  geographical place
of origin,  key to content,  form of work e.g. film, poetry.

In order to do this we need the following information from
you.  You may have given us something already but with so
many contributors we are now asking for more specific data:

A summary of your work in a single sentence.

A statement about your work in no more that 200 words.

A 100 pixel square image, 72dpi, of your work.

The name of the country of origin for the work.

The category best suited to your work.
e.g.  text/poetry,  game,  web narrative,  documentary,
      film/video,  sound,  hacktivism,  gallery,

Please send this information by return of email to
Daniel Landau:
* by Monday 12 November *

Thank you for your help in this matter, and for your
excellent submission.

With best wishes,


Dr Dew Harrison
Digital Media Research Centre
UWE Faculty of Art Media and Design
Bower Ashton Campus
Kennel Lodge Road
Bristol BS3 2JT 
Tel: 0117 966 3444798 Fax: 0117 344 4745
"University of the West of England"