13 track ep
  Available at cipher, o-o institutio media http://www.o-o.lt/cipher

  "When we listen to electronic music we can sometimes identify the
  software that was used to create it - we 'hear' the original
  programmer's code" - HACKING SOUND IN CONTEXT, Alex McLean

  20010505, 13 track electroacoustic ep from the group Slub, comprised
  of two digital artists Alex McLean and Adrian Ward. Alex McLean is
  well-known  for his artworks produced by placing computers under high
  load. Ade Ward is famous for his Auto-Illustrator software -- a
  satiric remake of the  commercial vector-graphic program Adobe
  Illustrator -- which was awarded the artistic software award at the
  2001 Transmediale Festival in Berlin.

  20010505. 13 track ep made up entirely of material generated using
  hand-crafted Macintosh and Unix applications. The tracks are
  compilations of artificial harmony fully composed by man himself from
  wetware to hardware. A hymn of praise to electronics, fulfilled with
  machine-generated and muddled sounds, with different sonic threads
  reminding one of the noise of factories and the live electric tingle
  of ambient. There is no chance to relax. Despite this, one can slide
  into the beauty of transcendence or the beauty of melancholy. The
  sounds sometime are very similar to the rhythmic aspirations of the
  organ -- slow transitions from one measure or tone to another making
  the music over-real. Is it a challenge to music or is it simply the
  electronic music of this time? Probably both, because it is impossible
  for ones soul to reject what one may hear. The result is a rich,
  multilayered sound; fully controlled, but unpredictable to the point
  that every performance is different. 13 track electroacoustic ep.


  Available at cipher, o-o institutio media http://www.o-o.lt/cipher