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Date : Tue, 18 Dec 2001 11:15:06 -0500

Objet : RE: art is dead / l'art est mort ?

i am currently working on an presentation with the school of arts and in interviewing professors of art (visual, moving image, written works), and philosophy (aesthetics), it has become very clear that art is not dead, but the perception of art as a dead medium comes from an inactive mind that does not delve into the art made outside the mainstream.  pop art and museum art do not represent the larger community of artists throughtout the world.  if you really want to see new, living works, then visit the alternative spaces, websites, group shows in unusual venues - buy art from the large group of unknown artists because you connect with the pieces, not because there is a value to be later extracted from an investment.  

the webspaces alone broaden the universe of art.  akin to the scope of a gallilean telescope versus the hubble, the distance and landscape of the artworld has opened up, expanded, taken on a new dimension that marries the conceptual with the visual, motion over time, sonic investigations and user interactivity.  how can anyone say art is dead when it is alive, expanding and evolving?