Hi 45 subscribers,

after the longest of years for many of us

on a changed schedule from before, 'net-art01' will open for visitors and voters at 24:00 GMT December 31st 2001 from our new domain http://www.net-art.ws

(our previous domain http://www.net-art.org was kidnapped for ransom of $3000 by some emafia porn merchant > and we refused to pay > even if we could have afforded)

as ever, 'net-art01' is intended as an open forum and gathering place for creators of web specific art to get some extra visitors to the projects they have created during the year, and to get some feedback through our voting feature (however primitive that may be)

nominations for 'net-art01' are open, and will remain open till end of voting in approximately one month's time, at


but get any work you want listed in, nominated sooner rather than later, then it increases the fun and interest for all

during this year I have had more than a few people tell me that the scene is dead and finshed, already after three days of nominations we have numerous projects listed that prove this wrong. Maybe one generation of creators has passed on to other things, maybe the medium has moved on, and is in a less heroic era than before, a broad delta rather than a rushing torrent, but nonetheless many still are doing new and interesting and good work ...

are you one of them?

nominate, visit!


'net-art01' now has a non-virtual host in the form of the re-opened, 'liberated by the community' venue and public house 'BRADYS of Brixton', from where entries to 'net-art01' will be projected onto suitable surrounding surfaces in the centre of Brixton, London.

In addition, for the first time, we will be having a nice little award ceremony/banquet party at the end of voting, also to be held at BRADYS, with food by 'Rob the chef', guests of honour, florean and alexandria from hi-res.net and mike and emerald from urban75.com and projections and sounds etc. Naturally the top five place sites will get fed free if they can attend, others will have to pay something. If you are interested in joining us for this event please mail atty@no-such.com

all the best for the New Year

Andy Forbes
(director - http://www.net-art.ws)

you are receiving this email because you had work listed at previous editions of our 'net-art' gathering, if you wish to be taken out of this mailing please mail to atty@no-such.com