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> This evolution that you speak of....why evolve into male and female? What's > the benefit of that? More conflict, more energy needed to find, then mate > with her. Less food for you. This evolution idea is that the strongest > survive. What's the advantage of having two sexes? And don't give me the > diversity factor because worms are asexual but need another worm to be > genes do get mixed. > > How did different animals evolve from one...what....amoeba? I've heard of > micro evolution. Where an animal within the same family will grow longer > legs, or sharper teeth, or whatever...this normally takes time. > > But I've never in my lifetime, and if someone has, pleas let me know....I've > never seen a dog give birth to a cat....or a cat give birth to a mouse. So > my question is where did all this diversity come from? > > How did the plants 'evolve'. Did some animal give 'birth' to a tree? > > My other question is this. Let's say you are right. God didn't create us, > we evolved from monkeys as Darwin says. When was the first human born? How > did he/she survive in the monkey tribe? Who did he/she mate with to > continue the human race? > > Oh yeah, one other question? If we evolved from monkeys and the idea of > evolution was for the strongest to pass on his/her genes and the weaker to > die off. So why are there still monkeys today? Does that mean that man and > monkey are equal? According to evolution there must be a reason why, > although we supposedly evolved from monkeys, that they are still around? > Why? > > > >