Everyone seems to be having an easy time with the game this month so maybe 
I will make it harder next month ;)

To prevent too many repeat winners I am changing the 4 month rule of 
non-win status to 6 months.
That means that you can only win twice per year and gives others a better 
chance of winning.

Here are the current standings:

1.nique68 32
1 son of odin 32
2 ideaofnorth 30
3 fred 26
4 frederic 24
5 Vinyl Skin 22
6 waltoworld 12
7 Aria75 11
7 Pixi 11
8 lucy66 2
9 thlayli87

To remove yourself from this list and from all contests entered, reply to 
this message and enter 'REMOVE' as the subject.

Bruce Moore