currently awailable releases:

$$11, special release contains a part of spa-am/v7 archives from asco-o
20010505, 13 track electroacoustic ep from the group Slub

o-o cipher records

2001-04-25 - beginning. cipher is not only a label it's more like
friends, which are involved into media music, whether it's compact disc,
internet or vinyl. cipher is trying to be addictive to computer music
or media itself. of course, cipher is into fresh sounds more than in one
concret thing. it could be the total ambient or the most aggro gabba

releases will be collected and experienced for many years to come and
not be seen as some fodder for hopeless victimized disc jockeys.
releases are different, so it goes interesting

demos preferring on cd-r, but cassettes are ok too. there is a temp
directory in which you can upload your music in mp3 or rm format. but
be careful. it's limited to 3 tracks (2mb per each) only for one artist,
so choose your best material. try and demonstrate the full range of your
most original work, please don't send to cipher tracks that depend upon
samples from other musicians work. if you follow cipher guidelines,
it'll be worth you sending something...

p.o. box 22, 4270 vilkaviskis, lithuania