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Subject: Autoresponse to: TAMPOPO>>>new GIGOLO liveact
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|  Please read this whole email as it contains information that can
|  be used to protect your computer from a Virus that is spreading
|  around the internet.
|NOTA BENE: This message is automatically generated; PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.
|           Subsequent email with the same reply-to address should not
|           induce additional responses from this service.


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You are receiving this message because an e-mail, which contained
your e-mail address as the return/reply-to address, was sent to  Possible reasons you received this message are
as follows:

1) You sent an e-mail to to complain to or notify
     this user about their SPAMMING, sending an e-mail with a virus,
     sending an e-mail that has content that may not be appropriate for
     minors and/or to remove yourself from a mailing list, etc.

2) Someone else sent an e-mail to and they are using
     your e-mail address as their return/reply-to address. If this is the
     case, we are sorry that this e-mail was sent to you.  However, please
     read it, as it contains information about the Virus we are trying to
     stop from spreading across the Internet.

3) Your anti-virus software sent an e-mail back to to
     inform them that the e-mail they sent contained a virus. Most
     of the time, this e-mail is sent without your knowledge by the
     anti-virus software itself.

4) Someone has subscribed the e-mail address to a mailing
     list to which you are also subscribed. The program that sends this
     message out tries to make sure that it is not responding to any e-mails
     that it receives from a list server by checking the full e-mail headers
     for list information. Some lists do not provide any keys in their full
     e-mail headers that we can use to keep the our program from responding.
     If you think this is the case, please contact your list admin and have
     them remove from their member list.

This Spam, containing "Snowhite" in the Subject, is a Virus called
Hybris.gen.  It sends out e-mail from your e-mail program with
attachments also infected with the virus, in an attempt to infect more
computers. This virus scans incoming and outgoing mail and http traffic
for e-mail addresses to send a copy of itself to. The e-mail the virus sends
out use a fake or spoofed "FROM:" address of to hide its 

We registered the domain to provide you,
the Internet user, with information about this Virus, tips on how to
detect, clean and trace it, and how to protect your computer from it in
the future.

Here are some other facts that may answer questions you may already have:

1) We do NOT maintain any mailing lists on our system.
2) This user (hahaha) does NOT exist on our system.
3) The e-mail you got with the From: field of did NOT
     come from or the web hosting company's network. This
     e-mail address was FAKED or SPOOFED.
4) The e-mail you got is a way for the Hybris.gen Virus to spread
     itself around the Internet just like the ILOVEYOU Virus that surfaced
     a year ago.
5) The "Received:" line of the FULL e-mail header will tell you the IP or
     Computer name of the person(s) that sent you the Virus.  Most likely,
     it came from someone you know who is unaware that his or her computer
     is infected with the virus.
6) By visiting the domain, you will find helpful
     information about the Hybris.gen Virus and links to software you
     can use to clean your computer if you are infected, as well as other
     miscellaneous information.
7) We did NOT create the virus nor do we know the person(s) who created the
     virus. We are NOT affiliated with this person or persons.  The same
     applies to our web hosting company.

NOTE: As long as you don't run/open/double click on the attachment
of the e-mail, this virus should not be able to infect you just by
reading the e-mail.

Here are links to well known companies of anti-virus products that
will show that what has been said above is true:,10228,2716778,00.html

This is the link to the website we have set up to provide additional
information about the Virus:     (this is not an adult site of any type)

If have any questions about this, our contact information is located on
our web site (

Thank you for your time.

   NOTE: Any replies sent to the e-mail address of our auto-responder are not
         viewed by us. Please use the contact information located on our 
web site.
         Thank you.