alt0164 performs live ambii for <d
i>fusion, 17:00-22:00CET, 26 04 02
t                                a
t                                r
p                                .
:                                i
/                                i
/                                b
w      ambii is a compilati      m
w      on of low quality am      a
w      bient video for sile      /
.      nt shows or chillin/      r
o      chillout performance      e
-      s. Moving images rea      h
o      ch the spectator wit      p
.      h vanished  outlines      i
l      of objects, though o      c
t      ne can imagine the o      /
/      utput source. Visual      t
c      s refer to postimpre      l
i      ssionistic researche      .
p      s in the late XIX ce      o
h      ntury and abstract e      -
e      xpressionistic compo      o
r      sitions of 50s. Pict      .
/      orial sense has no b      w
a      orders.      alt0164      w
m                                w
b                                /
i                                /
i                                :
.                                p
r                                t
a                                t