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<html> <br> <font face=3D"Times New Roman, Times"> <br><br> </font><font face=3D"arial" color=3D"#0000FF"><b><a=
 href=3D"http://www.doklomenta.com/">http://www.doklomenta.com/</a><br><br> </font><img src=3D"cid:"=
 width=3D307 height=3D461 alt=3D"4631f0.png"><img=
 src=3D"cid:" width=3D126=
 height=3D189 alt=3D"4631f0.jpg"></b><br><br> <font face=3D"arial"> <br><br>  <br><br> <b>F</b>or those who think that contemporary art tends to be a pain when
it takes itself too seriously, there s an interesting alternative
combining the useful and the pleasant, which could be called: The art of
satisfying nature s call in style. <br><br> <b>Y</b>ann Dumoget, the serial painter who produced the astronomical
quantity of 366 paintings in 1999, i.e. one a day for a year, before
generously allowing them to be covered with graffiti (in other words
massacred) by the first guys who came along, does it again for Documenta
11 with a new experiment and a wild Web site.<br><br> <b>T</b></font>his year, Documenta (the Mecca of contemporary art, which
takes place every five years in Kassel) has been spread out into several
platforms. Yann, who also wishes to offer forums for expression located
at the center of people s lives, has decided to put his works where
graffiti are usually found, where you truly come face to face with
yourself, where the guardians of good taste would sometimes like to
relegate modern painting, in short : in the john&<br><br> <font face=3D"arial"><b>F</b>rom 1 June to 7 July he ll be exhibiting
twenty-two of his paintings (one in the men s room and one in the ladies
room) in eleven strategic lavatories in the city, for example the
psychiatric hospital, an in-club, the graphic arts university, not to
mention certain more or less official cultural and exhibition sites. For
more than one month, each lavatory will have one original 50
</font><font face=3D"symbol">=B4</font><font face=3D"arial"> 65 cm work by t=
artist as well as a marker, and the users will be warmly invited to pass
from privy to painting and for once be allowed to express themselves
freely in these premises long devoted to pouring out the soul.<br><br> <b>B</b>ut readers should rest assured that they won t have to go to
Kassel to relieve themselves in this way (again, it s supposed to be
accessible to everyone) because the artist has created a one-and-only Web
site of its kind, recreational and truly interactive, with a digital copy
of each of the 22 paintings where anyone can place their graffiti online
and from any corner of the planet.<br><br> <b>U</b>sing a special computer program developed by two Web pros, the
drawings and graffiti added by Web surfers will be taken into account
successively on the site and the gradually enhanced digital works will
evolve at the same tempo as the original version. This is the chance for
you to participate in a global collective work open to everybody. In a
world where globalization too often corresponds to the lowest common
denominator and loss of identity, where works of art are untouchable,
both manually and mentally, Yann has the good humor (with a wink at
Marcel Duchamp ) to persevere in his commitment to interactive and
demystified art. He tries to promote some of his favorite values, which
we could all use: sharing, friendliness, freedom, respect for differences
and, from time to time, provocation. With this experiment at Kassel, he
persists in his belief that his works are better <u>with</u> you than
<u>without</u> you. So: on your mice, get set, GO!!!<br><br>  <br><br> <a href=3D"http://www.doklomenta.com">http://www.doklomenta.com</a><br><br> <br> </font></html>