Hi 45 subscribers,

the first night of the 'open_digi' season (read below) should be streamed live, available through http://club.net-art.ws tomorrow evening from 19:00 UCT (20:00 London time) till aprox 23:00 UCT (reference http://www.timeanddate.com/)

STREAMING will be thanks to the folks from spc.org and piratetv.net, especially James Stevens, Inge and bongo


apoligies to those of you received the previous net-art.ws mailing more than once > now the annual net-artXX databases are merged so this should not re-occur + my reply to email is actually correct (mail me if you want to unsubscribe)

> a new monthly digital night out kicks off at the Dog Star, 389 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 on May 22nd
> the 'open_digi' season (May 22nd, June 19th, July 10th) will mix artists and activists working online and in digital media, talking about their work and ending with a digital jam session with visual projections and sounds mix
> OPEN_MOUSE > 7.30pm
> the evening will start with an open_mouse half hour at 7.30pm for all comers to demo their work for five minutes, to ask to appear for this please visit http://club.net-art.ws
> MAIN GUESTS > 8.30pm
> the first evening will feature main demos (starting 8.30pm) from STANZA from http://www.stanza.co.uk, James Stevens of http://www.consume.net and bongo from http://www.piratetv.net
> subvergence project > the central city > STANZA
> STANZA will present works from
> >>> www.thecentralcity.co.uk
> Continuing the search for the "soul of the city". The idea is to go deeper into analogies for the organic identity of the city. Inner City is an audio visual, interactive, internet art, experience. The micro city becomes an organic networks of grids and diagrams.
> >>> www.subvergence.net
> The internet has become the the leading economic and artistic tool for our age. Words like emergence are used to explain the propulsion of these medias into our daily lives. Convergence is used to fuse the meeting of medias onto the the paradigm of new technology. Subvergence scrambles the cins of the internet.
> CONSUME.NET > James Stevens
> James Stevens of http://dek.spc.org, Deckspace, Greenwich (and previously backspace) will talk about consume.net. Consume is a nationwide initiative to construct user owned and operated, free networks utilising wireless broadband technology that trip the local loop out of the hands of the telecom monopoly and into open space. It's an assertion of rights to self provide, propagate ideals of community, counter commerce and consume the net.
> PIRATETV.net > bongo
> >From J18 to Radiohead ... local heroine, bongo will give a retrospective view on pirate tv's first four years ...
> http://www.piratetv.net was born out of the excitement of early London pirate radio days, frustration with the dumbing down of legal stations and the straightjacket of commercial television ... a showcase for the creation and display of quality zentertainment, free from the financial and creative restraints of the industry ...
> It's about wanting things raw and fresh. Like a salad. Put simply Piratetv.net is the place to visit for live audio/visual streams.
> It's like passing a fiddle around the world ...
> digital mix session from STANZA and atty (beta testing his 3D multi-user sound sensitive environment http://rnd.net-art.ws/START.html)
> to request appearence at or receive regular news of the 'open_digi' season please visit http://club.net-art.ws
> yours sincerely
> Andrew Forbes
> there will be a door charge of 1 on May 22nd, the event will be held in the first floor bar
> TO SUBSCRIBE FOR NEWS of future open_digi events register at http://club.net-art.ws
> 19th June
> 'open_digi' goes latino
> Arcangel Constantini > http://www.UNOSUNOSYUNOSCEROS.COM virtually in control from Mexico City
> andres burbano > Colombia
> Brian Mackern > http://www.internet.com.uy/vibri/artefactos/index2.htm > Montevideo, Uruguay
> + london locals
> 10th July
> 'open_digi' > net-art01
> the results of the open net-art arena 'net-art01' from http://www.net-art.ws will be announced by
> Mike and Emerald > http://www.urban75.com
> Florian and Alexandra > http://www.ni-res.net
> the presenters will also demo their own work
> the 'open_digi' season is presented by and association with
> the Dog Star, 389 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 > http://www.dogstarbar.co.uk
> Brixton's top pub venue, late bar through out the week. open_digi will be held in first floor bar
> club.net-art > http://club.net-art.ws
> the live events arm of http://www.net-art.ws
> soundtoys > http://www.soundtoys.net
> Convergence > New audio visual experiences, online and offline.
> Soundtoys features offline contributions from julian baker , pelado, stanza, boredom research, andy forbes, squidsoup, jey malaiperman, andrew allenson, rechord , iriealists, amy alexandra, karsten scmitt , ixi, golan levin, leafcutter john, michaelmedia ++++ and online contributions from ian andrews, antionne schmitt, andy wilson, soda, backeria, rain ashford, adam rogers , michael van der haagen, brian judy, jim andrews , peter luining, sub meta ++++
> OFFLINE > http://offline.areatres.net
> international association of net art practicioners dedicated to the execution of public offline events and installations using network and digital media. Members include 3code>JP>http://3code.net-art.ws, 8081>IT>http://www.8081.com, arcangel>MX>http://www.unosunosyunosceros.com , area3>ES AR AU>http://www.area3.net/barcelona/, atty>UK>http://rnd.net-art.ws, dextro>AT>http://www.dextro.org, dream7>US>http://www.dream7.com/, elout>NL>http://www.xs4all.nl/~elout/ , fakeshop>US>http://www.fakeshop.com, glaznost>ES>http://www.glaznost.com, kalx>US>http://www.kalx.com/, lokiss>FR>http://www.lokiss.com, one38>US>http://www.one38.org, real>NL>http://www.ctrlaltdel.org/, redsmoke>US>http://www.redsmoke.com, RSG>US>http://rhizome.org/carnivore, snarg>US>http://www.snarg.net, stanza>UK>http://www.stanza.co.uk/, superbad>US>http://www.superbad.com, vuk>SI>http://www.ljudmila.org/~vuk/, zden>SL>http://zden.satori.sk,