Dear Alyssa,

Richard & I were ecstatic about our laser hair reductions!!!  Rich got his neckline done so 
he'll not have to fuss with shaving that every morning 
and then surprised us all by having his entire beard & neck area done... !  He said it was 
worth it not to have to get up & shave each morning and 
his face and neck are so smooooth now all the time.  

You'll love it!  I got my legs done, my face (upper lip) and my chin done.  The whole thing 
took us both about an hour, total!  

You're going to love this totally new treatment for hair reduction & -it was so affordable-.   It's 
the most effective laser treatment available, anywhere 
and the financing option was a plus, too.

Now we both look like a million bucks all of the time, even first thing in the morning... !!!   
We're sooo happy with the results.  

Call me for the doctor's number, they are doing some sort of introductory special, I don't 
know all of the details but they can fill you in.

Good to hear from you again;

Sue Ann
(469) 693-5267