You are endeavoring to break-down autonomous disciplines and dominant yet
outmoded classifications or categories?

You are detaching your work or practice from institutionalization, which
entails, among other things, bureaucracy and officialdom?

You are working from the so-called margins and yet attaining substantial
audience, communication, and having a dialogue and fun?

You are generating a dialogue disentangled from established values or modes
of thought installed by theoretical rhetoric or dominant ideologies?

Do you think the utopian aim of closing the ever-widening gap between art
and everyday life is happening throughout your practice?

You think that an artist/individual could be equal to or at the same level
as any institution or corporation?

You are shaping communities of artists, without taking care of either
nations and/or disciplines?

You are investing in your practice/work without financial interest?

You are interested in collaborating [with others] without any intention in
appropriating ideas?

You are privileging communication and exchange over personal

You are considering immediacy in your daily practice? (e.g. you are not
working within any specific goal/deadline)

Your practice's process is based on daily activity?

Your play and/or performance heave no fear of historical consequences?

Your work is an extension of networked infrastructures into real life?

You understand the internet as a medium for production, publication,
distribution, promotion, dialogue, consumption and critique?

You feel the disintegration and hibriditation of concepts as: artist,
curator, pen pal, audience, gallery, theorist, art collector, and museum?

Your workplace is equipped with the following configuration: hardware and
software: Macintosh with 68040 processor or higher (or PC with 486 processor
or higher), at least 8 MB RAM - modem or other internet connection, text
editor, image processor, at least one of the following internet clients:
Netscape, Eudora, fetch, etc, sound and video editor?

Your work is either of the following: content based, formal, ironic, poetic,

You could describe your work with either of the following words? Subversion,
net as object, interaction, streaming, travel log, telepressence
collaboration, search engine, sex, storytelling, pranks and fake identity
construction, interface production and/or deconstruction, ascii art, browser
art, on-line software art, multi-user interactive, environments, cuseeme,
irc, email , icq, mailing list art.

You are aware that is a movement from impermanence, immateriality
and immediacy to de-materialization?

You are not worry about archiving and preservation?

You are rethink the institution?

You are utilizing radical artistic strategies for product promotion?

You are attending and participating in major media art festivals,
conferences and exhibitions?

You are not admitting, under any circumstances, paying entry fees, travel
expenses or hotel accommodations?

You are avoiding traditional forms of publicity. e.g. business cards?

You are creating and controlling your own mythology?

You are contradicting yourself periodically in email, articles, interviews
and in informal off-the-record conversations?

You are you being sincere?

You are maintaining consistency between personal image and process work?

You are upgrading any of the following: bandwidth, girl or boy friends, hits
on search engines, hits on your sites, links to your site, invitations,
e-mail, airplane tickets, money?

You believe that creative activities becomes most valued in art practice,
rather than affiliation to any hyped art movement?

You think in the formation of organizations as avoiding the promotion of
proper names?

You think in the bypassing of art institutions and the direct targeting of
corporate products, mainstream media, creative sensibilities and hegemonic
ideologies either as announced, uninvited and unexpected?

You do not believe in no longer needing the terms "art" or "politics" to
legitimize, justify or excuse your activities?