http://www.resonant-wave.net  [MEDIAMIXER] recently exhibited  physical and digital works at
the Kultur Im Spannwerk,in Berlin,Germany for the two-week festival
called the Resonant Wave Festival [ www.resonant-wave.net ].
This project clearly portrays the three pronged approach of [MM].
To create [1] A physical environment incorporating digital audio/video,the
of the "Clearpainting series"and inflatable paintings, and computer
controlled interaction.
[2] Perform a live audio/visual set of original compositons and dv,
primarily controlled by
midi-activated hardware and software in realtime.[3] To collaborate with
participating artists
and acquire,shoot,and record source materials to create,design and post an
online "residue"
of events remixed and rejuxtaposed for the world to interface with. We must
utilize the true
potential of the new tools for publication,documentation and distribution of
culturally relevant
art works. Building this new cyber reality is our responsibility
collectively and [MEDIAMIXER]
is doing its best in helping to promote interactive archives of enlightening
artworks for global
participation. We must build as dilligently as the corporations and
and secure our future landscapes.