asco-o: For what it's worth, don't account for the geography of this location. It's too confusing, with the occassional high pitched mountains and low pitched rivers. 
Also, this is written from the perspective of a well known alchemist in the distant future. I, the author am not included in this story and every reference to, "I" is me taking the roll of this alchemist. 

Now I'll begin. It all started that day I was walking down a large flight of steps. I heard someone ask in a very metallic voice, "Challenge? Who? no.." At that point, it didn't make much sense. Reflecting back on it, it doesn't help me... even now. My late arrival to the congregation was an obvious sign of my distraught. Luckily the dim witted members of this society couldn't catch on to it. They never do. So there I was, past the stair case having heard voices. There was no one around either..which made it all the more ambient. The echo's of the voice(s) still ringing in my ears, I walked into the circle. Everyone said the usual greeting and gave me a half hearted salute. I didn't know the man who didn't salute, but if I knew him or his rank I would have re-stationed him. But that doesn't matter. For the time being, note that only one individual didn't salute, a man who hasn't been to the congregation before. Not even to the weeknight meetings. He wasn't in a suitable uniform either, and his hair was aloof. This was enough for him to get on my bad side, but I didn't say anything. He was just a poor guy trying to make new friends. Unfortunately, at the time he attempted to join us, we weren't in need of a person of his profession. He explained, "I am the best there ever was, and ever will be. I learned from the one better than me, exceeded him, and killed him. He was the first of many to undergo this fate. I listened to him ramble. He didn't look very large, could he have really hunted this number? No. This individual was not nearly as powerful as I, nor most of my congregates. I didn't argue him now though.. We may need him as an ally in the future. However he was consuming lots of time. The patrol unit stops by our area every eight minutes, and he had been talking for at least seven and a half. This was not good. I glanced at my watch, and cursed it. For it was still frozen on an undisclosed time after my last mission. The gate must have had some effect on it when I passed through. However this isn't important now. I estimated we had about twenty seconds to get underground before the patrol unit passed. However, our loquatious friend didn't want to shut the hell up. He was still talking about his hunting, and his abilities. I must have been the only one who noticed the time consumption of this individual, because the other six of the group didn't seem to care at all. I already noted them as dim witted, but this was about to get bad. I perched on one knee and spoke, "Hunter, we have little time before the patrol round arrives." The hunter replied, "I am not concerned with the likes of a patrol, or any other law enforcement group. I haven't done anything to concern them." As he said this, the ground begand to shake...and I pointed back to the stairs. I wish now that I hadn't warned everyone, and just ran. No matter what anyone says, EVERYONE is concerned with patrol units. I rose from my knee, took a knargled staff from the earth, and held my position. There was no way I could compete with the patrol unit armed with only a knargled staff, so I knew my fate. However, the hunter was still talking. Even as the vehicle landed before him, he seemed to ignore it. That's when the patrol arrived, not from the it was only a distraction. The patrol had known we were there, and had been planning something. At that exact instant of thought, I was tackled from above by a Western European paratrooper. How could I have forgotten the new state of command...parachuting. I fell. Hard. Everyone around me including the hunter was chuted too. The hunter was still telling some story, even as they placed the luminant on him. They placed a luminant on three of my companions too. They never spoke again. I thought of my summons, but such a vulgar use of power infront of law enforcement would result in them trying even hard to capture me. This would have resulted in casualties, which I didn't want. Then I realized... I could summon a gate, transpose everyone to the minor zone, and from there my powers would be limitless, and their useless projectile firearms would cease to operate. I laughed insanely, to see what reaction I would get from the patrol enforcers. The one with the gun fired a warning shot into the air, I suppose he thought this would shut me up. Well, it didn't. Still laughing, he walked over to me and slapped me with his shock stock. (Shock Stocks are rather obnoxious sticks that release a painful amount of electricity.) I focused my eyes together, screamed, and bled. This ripped my forehead open, causing the exposure of my third eye. Knowing they would shoot, I summoned the gate as fast as I could. The gate opened ontop of the gaurd who shocked me, killing him instantly. This gate was summoned with repore, so every living thing in a nautical mile's raduis was 'vacuumed' into it. This left an open gate for a few minutes, but no one could arrive fast enough to stop me from sending them all to the minor zone. Immune to this suction, my congregates and I casually walked through the gate in which the law enforcers were just torn into. Once through, I noticed the multiple skies of the minor zone had shifted, now a color that no two human eyes could describe. Now here, my comrades thanked me for the gate summons, and asked about the fate of the enforcers. I was still not sure if they should suffer the fate of being sent away to Too Dark Park, but it was clear that something must be done. I decided that a suitable death for them all would be to face the minor zone's low pitched river basin. All of us knew that no human, be it enforcer or civilian, could survive this area. I decided to have a little fun with our friend The hunter. He seemed like someone who was unfamiliar with this territory.. so I asked him to escort them to the middle of the basin, and then return to the rally point. I gave him the corindates and told him that he would be paid especially well if he returned with the head of an LPR-Imp. (A healthy task for an unarmed hunter.)